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Continuity mistake: George's collar on his leather jacket is sometimes up, down or somewhere in between, in successive shots within a particular scene, depending on the camera angle. Additionally, his long neck scarf changes position numerous times, in shots following one another within the same scene too. One example is in the salon with Felicia and Jill.

Audio problem: Lester and George are talking at George's house and when we hear George reply, "Okay, thanks," his mouth does not move.

Continuity mistake: When George arrives at Jackie's, he has the hair dryer in his belt and he then walks up the stairs to her door. The electrical cord is wound around the dryer differently in these shots.

Continuity mistake: When George and Lorna talk in the kitchen, the tennis racket, white towel it lies on and the sponge in the dishpan change positions repeatedly depending on the camera angles.

Continuity mistake: During George and Lester's frank discussion, the coffee table is seen in a variety of camera angles, and some of the things on the coffee table change their positions within these shots.

Continuity mistake: When Lorna yells that she's nothing like her mother, in the wide shot she's holding the carrot in her right hand and she starts to sway her left hand. Yet in the next close-up as she sways her hand around, the carrot is now in her left hand. Also, the carrot changes size throughout this scene, regardless of the fact that it's being eaten.

Continuity mistake: While George is cooking in Jill's kitchen, when the camera is on Jill, George's reflection is seen behind her and when the camera is on George, sometimes his movements behind the counter are contradictory to his movements in the reflection.

Continuity mistake: Felicia asks Mona to find the lost earring, and the flowers that Mona holds in the first wide shot and the next close-up change their appearance.

Continuity mistake: George surprises Jackie, who's in the kitchen, and when she turns around the colander and dish inside are leaning towards the window and there are two wooden spoons on the counter. Yet in the next shot of her, the colander and dish lean towards the camera and the two smaller wooden spoons are now in the crock in the corner.

Continuity mistake: At George's house, Lester comes back from the kitchen and tosses the towel onto the chair. In some shots of the chair, the towel isn't even there, and in the front shots of Lester sitting in that chair the towel keeps changing position.

Continuity mistake: When Jill walks over to the coffee table, takes the earring and throws it, we see the hallway behind her. Then Jill confronts George and in this shot the telephone is seen on the floor in the hallway, where it wasn't in the previous shot.

Continuity mistake: While Jill and Jackie (Julie Christie) are sitting in the restaurant, their hand positions differ between the shots facing Jill and the ones facing Jackie.

Continuity mistake: As Jill sits in the producer's office, the eyeglasses case jumps on and off the papers on the desk repeatedly in the close-ups and wide shots.

Continuity mistake: When speaking with Mr. Pettis at the bank, the paper in George's hand disappears, and the paper and pen on the desk change positions between the different shots.

Continuity mistake: At the bank's parking lot on his motorcycle, George's tie is seen, and when George is in the bank, the tie is noticeably tied differently.

Continuity mistake: As George walks in and finds Lester sitting on his couch, the TV is seen close to the chair and the antenna are positioned a certain way on top. When Lester raises the volume, the TV is closer to the fireplace and the antenna are positioned differently. However when Lester goes to the door to leave the TV and antenna's position are the same as in the first shot.

Continuity mistake: Before Jill throws the chair through the glass doors, the pants on the floor and the bottles in the fridge differ in their positions compared to after the door shatters.

Continuity mistake: When George is trying to sleep while Jill talks, his blanket and her hair differ between the wide shot and the close-up.

Continuity mistake: Every time the refrigerator is shown at Jill's, from the first shot when George takes an apple, to the last shot when he puts toast in the toaster, the magnets on the door change positions.

Continuity mistake: While Felicia (Lee Grant) is in bed talking to George (Warren Beatty), who's getting dressed, she's holding a cigarette that goes from her right hand to her left hand between shots, but she didn't switch it.


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