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Continuity mistake: Hellboy tosses Dr. Manning through the quickly-closing door to escape the pendulum on the bridge - he barely makes it under. Hellboy then spends thirty seconds dodging the pendulum, but when he dives for the door it's still closing at the same point and speed - just enough for him to pass.


Continuity mistake: When Hellboy is walking at one point, holding his gun up in his left, gloved hand (just after one of the agents has said "This place is like swiss cheese"), watch the frame. It switches suddenly so his right hand (the stone one) is his left, and he's holding the gun in his "right."


Continuity mistake: Hellboy's oversized "Samaritan" revolver is shown to only hold 4 rounds. Yet he fires more than 4 times without stopping to reload during his fight with the first Sammael creature in the museum.

Other mistake: In the scene where we see Professor Bruttenholm talking to Myers about Abe's origins, we see the professor pick up what he specifically describes as "rotten eggs" from an open bowl and place them into a tube. The eggs have been sitting out in the open the whole time, but Myers only reacts to the smell once Broom picks them up.

Factual error: When Professor Broom puts the old pieces of paper together, the text translates to "Graveyard 16", not "Sebastian Plackba 16".

Continuity mistake: After Hellboy falls on the dumpster and sees Rasputin walking toward him, there is a smear of blood on HB's lower lip. It cuts away for a second to show him pick up his gun, and when you see Hellboy again, the blood is gone.

Mark Bernhard

Other mistake: All the time that Abe has been underwater reading multiple books at a time, he's never designed a machine to turn the pages? Even a pointer on a long arm would work serviceably.


Revealing mistake: In the scene in the alley behind the museum where Hellboy first encounters Rasputin, Sammael has its tongue wrapped around Hellboy's arm. When Myers enters and shoots at Sammael, look closely at Myers' hands. Not only does the gun fire without him pulling the trigger, but the gun does not even recoil.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Abe Sapien is investigating the cistern for Sammael's eggs, the cord holding the reliquary Hellboy gave him is cut and it falls out of reach. A few shots later, when Abe is frantically swimming away from Sammael, the charm can be seen still attached to his right-hand wrist, following his movements as if still attached to him.

Continuity mistake: At the library, Hellboy puts four bullets in his gun, but he fires it nine times before reloading.


Character mistake: When Hellboy goes into the museum, he finds the entity and says "Hey, Stinky! You have six library guards raw, plus belts and boots." But the entity doesn't eat the belts and the boots; they're spread out on the floor with the clothes, only the bodies are eaten.


Revealing mistake: When Hellboy is running across the path that's being destroyed by the massive pendulum like hammer, at one point he starts to run and you can see he's floating above the rocks as they fall, most likely due to the harness keeping him from falling.

Continuity mistake: In director's cut dvd edition, toward the end of the movie, when Hellboy hits Kroenen in a head, and says, "You killed my father, your ass is mine," Kroenen's left side of a mask changes from being damaged to intact, than damaged again from different angles.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Hellboy is carrying Liz off the alter she hasn't got a top on. Later after Hellboy kills the behemoth she has got a top on.

Continuity mistake: In the truck on the way to the library, Abe rises and says, "Outside...with her," and gestures. In the next shot, he's hunched over.


Continuity mistake: Manning and Hellboy are in the tomb tunnels when Manning brushes the back of his hand against the blades in the walls, but later he shows the wound to Hellboy and this time it's on the tip of his finger,.


Other mistake: At the train tracks, before Abe enters the water, he turns his blue locator off, but, later, one of the agents blue lights goes on and he says "Hey, it's Abe." But Abe doesn't turn his locator on until he leaves the water, injured and in need of help.


Continuity mistake: When Kroenen slices the statue, the cut where the reliquary splits in half isn't close to any of his hits; his hits are toward the upper half of the statue.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, when Rasputin is about to take away Liz's soul, the shot is over Rasputin's shoulder with Hellboy's front in view. We can see Rasputin's hand move from above Liz's chest to her jaw as he bends over. Then the shot changes to Rasputin's front. In this shot, the hand is back above Liz's chest and is moving to her jaw again.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Broom is bandaging his wound, a soldier asks him about Hell. Broom turns to look at him, but in the next shot is facing forward again.


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The BPRD complex was (according to Del Toro) was originally FDR's secret emergency bunker. The library where Professor Broom dies was the president's office and Hellboy's room (with the big vault door) was his fallout shelter, just in case Germany perfected the A-bomb first.


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