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Auto Focus

New this week Character mistake: Although great care was taken to duplicate Bob Crane's distinctive hairstyle for Greg Kinnear, Bob Crane's hairstyle was actually parted on the left, while Greg Kinnear's was parted on the right.

Factual error: Crane's daughters play with a bent-armed Barbie doll; all such dolls of that era had straight arms.

Factual error: The issue of "Guideposts" shown by Crane's interviewers is from the early '90s.

Factual error: When we see the wedding of Bob Crane and Patricia Olson, Bob's voiceover tells us that "Hogan's Heroes" went off the air "after six years and 186 shows." In actuality there were only 168 episodes produced.

Continuity mistake: Bob puts his hand on his wife's shoulder, in the next shot, it is by his side.

Factual error: Crane's kitchen phone in the '60s has a modern (at least 1970s) modular cord on the handset.


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