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Continuity mistake: Ashley Judd and Samuel Jackson leave the main room in the bar where her promotion part is going on and go to a back room with a pool table. As they walk past the end of the table Ashley pushes the 8 ball into a corner pocket and you hear the sound of two balls hitting each other. The camera cuts away from the table. After a brief part of the conversation, as Ashley leans on the end of the table, the camera cuts back to the end of the table and the 8 ball is back in its place.


Continuity mistake: Ashley Judd is sitting in a bar with Andy Garcia when an ex boyfriend walks in. She says to Andy, "I do not get involved with ex-boyfriends." During that line the camera is to her left and she is holding a drink almost to her mouth. While she says the word "involved," the camera switches to her right side and she is not holding a drink.

daniel hoppins

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