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Kill Bill: Volume 2
Kill Bill: Volume 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bill is cutting the crusts off a sandwich towards the end, he cuts two off, goes to remove the third, then the angle changes and he's now cutting it in half. After that we hear him sweep the crusts off the board and see him hand the sandwich to BB, then a shot or two later crusts are back on the board and he cleans them off again to make another sandwich.

Jon Sandys
Kill Bill: Volume 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Right after Budd shoots Beatrix, he kicks her sword away from her, but the sword keeps changing position in subsequent shots. Sometimes it's on the ground and sometimes it's stuck in the side of a trash can.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where The Bride is buried alive, she is shown trying to punch her way out of the coffin. Her knuckles and the top of the coffin are bloody. In the very next scene where she escapes, she goes to a diner for a glass of water and her knuckles show no evidence of punching their way out of the coffin.

Frank Ranu

Continuity mistake: When Bill has blood on his chin (just after Beatrix does the 5 point thing), he wipes his mouth and removes the blood by his lip, but there is still blood on his chin. In the next shot, there is no blood on his face at all.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, Bill and The Bride are talking outside. When the camera is on Bill, the Tequila bottle label faces the camera then away from it several times.


Continuity mistake: When Budd mixes an icy drink in his blender, he pours some into a couple of jars and then takes them over to Elle. When the jars are on the counter, they are no more than a third full, but when he takes them across the room, they have a lot more drink in than before


Continuity mistake: In the scene where Beatrix meets her daughter, you can see her sword in the shots facing her, but when the camera is behind her, the sword is gone.

Continuity mistake: When the Bride shows up at Budd's trailer, her leather jacket is zipped up all the way. When Budd shoots her and she falls back, her jacket is opened.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the diner owner sees Beatrix walking towards the diner after getting out of the graveyard, you can see a CLOSED sign in the window and is pushed to the left corner of the window frame. When Beatrix is walking in you can see the same sign in the left window but is right up against the right of the window frame. You can actually see by the green pipe outside the diner that they have changed the sign's location. In the first shot the green pipe is outside the window. In the following shot where you can see the sign in the left window, the green pipe is outside the right window.


Continuity mistake: When Budd is in his boss's office being fired, after the boss scribbles out his name on the diary, he puts the pen onto the table in front of him. In the next shot the pen has suddenly disappeared but the pen lid is still there. Also, the lines of cocaine on the mirror on the table change throughout the scene.

Visible crew/equipment: When Budd is being fired by his boss at the strip club, you can see the boom reflected in the boss's sunglasses.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Budd looks at the case of money, the left column of money lies vertical. In the following shot it is now horizontal.

Continuity mistake: When Beatrix and B.B. are in the bed together the pillow under Beatrix's head changes position between shots. First her head is in the middle of the flowers then the flowers are totally visible. This changes a few more times without Beatrix actually moving her head.


Other mistake: During the end credits, when the Bride is driving through the cliffs, there is a part when she turns her wheel left, but the car turns right.

Factual error: In the deleted scene where Bill kills the black guy and his henchmen, Bill slits the throat of the black man, and then sheathes the sword immediately. This would cause the blood to clot the inside of the scabbard, making it sticky and difficult to draw the sword. And if left long enough, it would rust the blade. The scabbard will have to be taken apart to be cleaned properly, which would be a lot of meaningless extra work, instead of simply taking 5 seconds to wipe the blade. A swordsman of Bill's caliber would never have mistreated his weapon like that. It is like seeing a soldier deliberately burying his rifle in mud to give himself a nice, long job of cleaning afterwards.


Continuity mistake: When Budd is mixing drinks for himself and Elle in his trailer he pours them into two jars on his counter. When he pours the drink into the second one you can see him miss at first and spill the icey slush on the counter, but in the next shot (taken from behind him) as he picks up the drinks, the counter is clean.

Continuity mistake: After the bride has been crying in the bathroom near the end of the film, while BB is watching cartoons, the brides hair is much longer when she cuddles BB on the bed. It was shorter, shoulder length the evening before when she killed Bill and its the same again when she drives away happy with BB.

Continuity mistake: When Elle is talking to Bill after killing Budd, she is packing the money away in the suitcase. When she tells Bill "She put a black mamba in his camper", all the money on the floor to her right is gone and the only money left to pack is on the small table to her right. The next shot she is taking money from the floor to the left (her right) of the suitcase, and there is a considerable amount of money still on the floor.


Continuity mistake: When Elle and Beatrix are fighting in Budd's trailer, Bea throws the contents of Bud's jar spitoon on Elle's face and she says, "Gross." It's all over her face yet later in the fight, just BEFORE her head goes in the toilet, Elle's face is all clean and she has fresh lipstick.


Continuity mistake: When Budd is done making margaritas, the margarita mix bottle has the full label facing Elle. After he walks around the counter to give her a margarita, the bottle has spun halfway around and now the full label is facing where Budd was and the half label on the back is facing Elle.


Visible crew/equipment: When they show Elle's face from inside the toilet you can see Plexiglas between her face and the camera. You can also see a round outline in the Plexiglas that I presume is the reflection of a camera lens.


Continuity mistake: A deleted scene in the Kill Bill 2 menu reveals a showdown between Bill and a black man with four henchmen. First henchman goes down then the remaining three attack. Bill slashes at them and they go down. As Bill approaches the black man, the positions of the three recently slaughtered henchmen changes everytime they are in shot.

Continuity mistake: After Pai Mei dumps the Bride's bowl onto the ground he shoves his bowl towards her. The bowl switches from the edge of the table to the middle between shots.

Continuity mistake: During the end, when the Bride is talking to Bill, as the camera changes, the position of the Tequila bottle cork changes from lying on its top to its side.

Continuity mistake: After Uma is shot with the truth serum in Bill's apartment, the placement of the fruit specks on her chest change as she leans back, leans forward, etc.


Continuity mistake: Right at the beginning of the scene where The Bride is fighting Elle in Budd's trailer, Elle swats her back towards the back of the room with the sword. The Bride then takes one of the TV antennas as a weapon; notice the green bottle of beer on the TV. As she yanks out the antenna, she hits the beer bottle which falls. In mid-fall, however, the shot changes and the bottle is back on the top of the TV again.

Continuity mistake: When Beatrix arrives at Bill's hacienda, the sword on her back is Budd's (different handle with cotton wrap). She retains Budd's sword until Bill takes it, at which point it is her sword again.

Continuity mistake: After Bill shoots the fruit in the truth serum scene, there is a tented fold in the couch's fabric, to the right of Beatrix's right shoulder as she begins scooping fruit from her chest. Then it's gone. Tented fabric reappears. Then is gone again.

Continuity mistake: When Beatrix confronts Bill in his hacienda, the Kashira (the end cap) and the Fuchi (the collar below the handle guard) on her sword are silver. The Kashira and Fuchi on Beatrix's sword are black.

Continuity mistake: In the Face-to-Face chapter, Beatrix walks into the apartment wearing a black leather jacket and a blue dress. Later, after recalling the time when she found out she was pregnant, they show her standing in the doorway to the backyard wearing an orange shawl which didn't appear prior to that shot.


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