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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Continuity mistake: The chain on the Time-Turner changes length from when they go back in time, and to when Hermione explains the Time-Turner to Harry, one minute later.

Visible crew/equipment: When Harry opens the door to let Aunt Marge and Uncle Vernon into the house, a cameraman with an umbrella can be seen following them as they walk through the door.

Continuity mistake: When Harry goes to the table to clean up Marge's broken glass and when he stands at the counter as Marge blows up, there is a large rug in the kitchen, under the center cart, whose edge reaches the counter stools. When Harry storms downstairs with his trunk, Petunia and Dudley stand at the kitchen doorway and the rug is gone - it would be visible if it was on floor. (Likewise, the rug was gone when Marge and Ripper arrived, but it could be presumed that the rug was laid out before their meal.)

Audio problem: When Cornelius Fudge says, "Oh yes, indeed, indeed." near the end of the movie, his mouth doesn't move.

Continuity mistake: When Marge floats out the patio door in the exterior shot her jacket lies flat over her skirt. In the next shot Vernon shouts, "I've got you Marge," as he grabs hold of her hands, and the bottom of her jacket is way up by her arms - note the blazer lining and her blouse. However, in the next shot the jacket lies straight and flat once again.

Continuity mistake: During Hagrid's lesson, when Harry walks towards Buckbeak as Hagrid explains to Harry that he needs to wait for Buckbeak to bow back, etc., in the next shot a boy on the left of the screen drops his cloak to the ground. In the next shot of the students, the boy has it on his arm again, but in the next shot as Harry bows, it's on the ground once again.

Other mistake: When Harry is talking with Arthur Weasley at the Leaky Cauldron, the number '301' (colored in white) digitally pops up right underneath the wanted poster. The composite people neglected to remove it. Sirius Black's number is '390' (colored in black) - it's written on the paper that Sirius holds in the poster.

Revealing mistake: After receiving the new Firebolt Harry runs outside to use it. In the close-up as he takes off and in the next wide shot many of the students' eyes are not in sync with Harry's flight.

Continuity mistake: When Harry lifts the lid in the Honeydukes cellar, in the first shot there are two gold pots, small and large, beside the table directly in front of him. Of course in the next shot, as the man climbs the stairs, only the short gold pot is beside that table. In the next shot, as Harry climbs out, the two pots' positions differ.

Continuity mistake: When Lupin and Potter enters the classroom after Lupin got the Marauders Map from Snape, Lupin says "But quite frankly, I am astounded that you didn't hand it in." The way he holds the map change in the next shot.

Continuity mistake: At the Leaky Cauldron, while Harry sits at the table speaking with Fudge, in two shots facing Harry the empty soup bowl is right beside the salt shaker, but in the rest of the shots there is a greater space between the two.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Harry leaves the Dursleys, Sirius the dog shows up behind a park bench surrounded by dimly lit thick bushes. When the Knight Bus arrives, the bench is visible across the street and now it's brightly lit and the trash container beside the bench is clearly visible. Then, before Harry boards he has one more look at the bench and it is just as dark as the first shot.

Continuity mistake: When Harry says, "I said we'll take you to the castle," to Pettigrew, you see Sirius pointing his wand at Pettigrew. When it cuts Sirius is standing next to Harry, but he is no longer pointing his wand.

Continuity mistake: When Vernon says, "You've nowhere to go," to Potter, you see Vernon grab the banister. When it cuts, the way he holds the banister changes.

Continuity mistake: When Hermione says, "Awful things happen to Wizards who meddle with time, we can't be seen," in the shot facing her she places her right elbow up on the pumpkin. In the next shot facing Harry her arm is down on her lap, yet in the next shot facing Hermione her arm is up again.

Continuity mistake: As Lupin packs in his office, the gramophone and books on his desk are visible in many shots. When Harry first walks in, the set of three thin books, bound with a string at the top of one pile, as well as the gramophone and other books noticeably change their position in quite a few shots.

Continuity mistake: Before Hagrid's lesson begins, Malfoy yells, "Dementor! Dementor!" and they all spin around. Ron and Hermione stand beside one another in the first and third shots, yet in the middle shot facing Malfoy, they're a good distance apart. As a matter of fact, in most shots throughout this entire scene many of the students' positions and actions change and/or shift back and forth in consecutive shots, some quite drastically.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban mistake picture

Continuity mistake: On the Hogwarts Express, Lupin pulls out his wand to repel the Dementor attacking Harry. In the shot facing Lupin his shirt sleeve is mostly covered by his suit sleeve and he holds the wand a particular way. In the next close-up facing the Dementor, Lupin's arm is visible and a much greater area of his shirt sleeve is now seen and he holds the wand completely differently.

Continuity mistake: As Potter walks into the Knight Bus you see Stan lifting Potter's trunk inside. When it cuts, the way Stan comes in with the trunk changes.

Continuity mistake: When we get to Trelawney's class when she says "...discover if you possess the sight.", she gets up from her chair. While doing so she place both her arms on the arm rest, but when it cuts her left arm is up.

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Sirius Black: Brilliant, Snape. Once again you've put your keen and penetrating mind to the task and as usual come to the wrong conclusion.



In order to acquaint himself with his three lead actors, director Alfonso Cuaron had each of them write an essay about their characters, from a first-person point of view. Emma Watson, in true Hermione fashion, went a little overboard and wrote an 16-page essay, Daniel Radcliffe wrote a simple one page paper, and Rupert Grint never even turned his in, as he said that is what Ron would have done.