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Lost in Translation
Lost in Translation mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Bob puts Charlotte into her bed, he first lays her down with her skirt slightly pulled down so that her belly button is showing. In the next shot, the skirt is pulled up to meet the bottom of her shirt-barely any skin is visible.

Visible crew/equipment: When Bob is taking a bath and receives a phone call from his wife, a microphone is visible in the upper left, coming from behind a wall for a few seconds.

Lost in Translation mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the Karaoke scene, when it's Charlotte's turn, one briefly sees the number 601 on the door to the cabin. Later, when she's waiting outside and Bob leaves the room it's the number 602.

Lost in Translation mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the street scene where the campaigning car passes by, Bob's shoes turn from black to brown after he crosses the street.

Lost in Translation mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the karaoke, when Charlotte leaves the room for a smoke and Bob joins her, her head is next to the grey part of the wall. Cut to a front shot of them and her head is now on the zebra-patterned part.

Continuity mistake: In the sushi restaurant, as the camera cuts between Bob and Charlotte during their conversation, notice that chopsticks appear in and disappear from Charlotte's hand. This is independent of whether she has just put the chopsticks down or picked them up.

Continuity mistake: In the black toe scene when Bob and Charlotte are having lunch and Bob tells her about his massage, Charlotte rests her cheek on her fist, then the camera cuts back to Bob and Charlotte has her chopsticks in her hands, then back to Charlotte and her fist is up to her cheek again.

Continuity mistake: When Charlotte and Bob are lying on the bed and he tells her about how it is to get children, her hair changes back and forth between tidily combed back and messily covering her ear.

Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Bob and Charlotte first glance at each other in the elevator, the film has been reversed. 3 mistakes are visible. The first one is that the woman's Kimono is reversed, left side tucked into the right. All Japanese garments are always tucked in right side first. Only on the day of your funeral is the left side tucked in first. The second mistake is the lapel hole on Bob's jacket; it is shown on his right. The lapel hole is almost always on the left side of a men's suit or sport jacket. And in every other scene in the film, his lapel hole is on his left. The third is the birthmark by the ear and the 1 inch vertical scar on Bill Murray's cheek are shown on his right side. When in actuality, they are on the left side of his face.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene after Bob and Charlotte walk by Kelly singing in the lounge, Charlotte is lying awake in bed. When she gets up and is putting on her long-sleeve shirt, in the reflection of the window there is someone walking out of the room and closing the door.

Other mistake: When Charlotte stubs her toe there are numerous shots of her walking normally in bare feet and sitting by the window there is a close up of her feet, for one her toes look fine, and if she had damaged the middle toe on her foot to extent it needed hospital treatment she would have had some trouble walking about normally. Even if she hadn't broken it, the doctor did put a support onto it suggesting it was hurt enough to warrant that.

Continuity mistake: Charlotte asks Bob to meet her in a certain sushi bar, but then we see them in a shabu-shabu restaurant.

Lost in Translation mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Charlotte listens to the soul-searching CD the picture of the author on the back cover multiplies in size between shots when she turns the box around.

Continuity mistake: When Bob tries to escape the services of the massage lady he falls down on the floor. In close-up he is much closer to the night stand than when he gets up in the next shot.

Revealing mistake: During the still photo shoot, the photographer asks Harris to pause so he can change films. The assistant can be seen sliding the lightproof cover into the film magazine on the back of the camera, and then immediately removing the sliding cover, all without actually changing films or magazines.

Continuity mistake: When Bob carries Charlotte to her room he unlocks the door with a key which appears to be in his hand. However, there was no key in his hand while he was carrying her down the corridor, and he didn't retrieve from anywhere (which would have been difficult anyway with her still in his arms).

Audio problem: When Kelly starts talking about colon flushing Charlotte gets up to join Bob at the bar. In the background Kelly continues her story, but her mouthing and gestures are not at all in line with her words.

Continuity mistake: When Bob and Charlotte take a taxi to the Karaoke place a man carrying a lot of stuff is running across the street in front of them in a rather funny way. When the camera angle changes as the taxi drives off the man has disappeared.

Other mistake: When Bob wakes up after the night with the singer she is already in the bathroom. However, the pillows on her side are obviously untouched.

Continuity mistake: When Bob is on his night away with Charlotte, he sits besides a Japanese who looks at him curiously a second later and from a wider shot, the Japanese is talking with his friends.

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