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The Medallion

Audio problem: When Snakehead grabs the medallion from Jackie, Jackie screams in pain. However, any Jackie Chan fan can hear that it isn't actually Jackie screaming.

Continuity mistake: At the hospital when Jackie and Watson are being shot at, Jackie pushes Watson through the door. We see Watson flying backwards out the door. When it cuts we see him come flying face first.

Revealing mistake: When Watson is standing over Jackie's dead body and says "I'm sorry I wasn't there when you needed me most, my friend" you can see Jackie reflected in the TV standing ready for his queue before entering the picture.

Continuity mistake: When Jackie and Watson are driving Watson's car right after they've been on a video conference with all the professors, they park the car. We see Jackie has his seatbelt on, but when it cuts to him breaking the door off the seatbelt is no longer on him. He could not have removed it that fast.

Continuity mistake: When they open the container we see Watson run in first. When it cuts Nicole comes running first.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Snakehead has received the book from the old man he says "The only pitiful is your life". He grabs a knife and we see him stretching his arm out against the old man. When it cuts Snakehead has his arm bent with the knife under the old mans chin. The way Snakehead stretched his arm he would have stabbed the old man right in the face, not placing the knife under his chin.

Continuity mistake: When Nicole is hugging Watson, Jai is nowhere in sight. But when Watson and Nicole stands up Jai is suddenly standing right behind them.

Revealing mistake: When Jackie and Watson are discussing whether it's Jackie or not who's lying on the table, and Watson says "Well it's cold in here" it is obvious they are using a double for Jackie lying on the table. The double's nose is too pointy to be Jackie.

Deliberate mistake: When Jackie tries to avoid the Jamaican guy he jumps up to a higher deck. As we see him duck out of sight it takes him about 1 second to get to the other side and jump down there. However it's at least 40 feet to get to the other side. Jackie is usually fast but not that fast.

Continuity mistake: When Watson throws the tray with chops onto the table, the pieces of chops change position during the shots. Also there is a knife down to the right of the screen that change position during the shots.

Other mistake: When Jackie meets the boss of the Interpol department in Ireland, he shows everyone some sketches, the child and then a man with a hat. If you watch the picture, it changes from a man with a hat to another man without a hat back to the man with the hat and once again back to the man without the hat.

Factual error: Throughout the film all cars have errors in license plates, In Ireland since 1992 all cars start off with last two digits of the car's year, county registered in and order registered in. Example: The first car registered in Dublin this year would be "05 D 1" the 922nd registered in Cork would be "05 C 922" I can't remember the exact format of the plates but remember it's factually incorrect.

Continuity mistake: On the "Sea Horizon" when Jackie says "I'll cover you" to his companion, you see his companion jumping over board while holding onto his machine gun. When it cuts to him just going over board his machine gun is hanging down.

Continuity mistake: When Nicole realize that Jackie is dead she hugs Watson while grabbing him by his collar. When it cuts she is holding onto his towel instead.

Continuity mistake: When Watson uncovers Jackie's dead body to show it to Jackie himself, the way the sheet is folded changes between the shots.

Visible crew/equipment: When Jackie and Nicole gets to Watson's front door you can see a crew member reflected in the door.

Continuity mistake: Around the beginning of the film Jackie is fighting some guys in some underground tunnel and you can see his shadow on the wall behind him. It is in the wrong direction considering where the light is coming from.

Continuity mistake: When the container falls into the water it lands right beside the ship. But when we see it landing from under water there is no sight of the ship anywhere on the screen.

Continuity mistake: When Giscard is running away from Jackie he jumps over a fence and a table where two men are sitting. At that point the seat under the umbrella by the fence is empty. When Jackie jumps over the fence a woman is suddenly sitting there.

Deliberate mistake: When Giscard jumps over the bikes you can see the bikes are stacked closed to each other. When Jackie 'runs' over them the distance between the bikes has increased. This was probably done to make the 'running' more natural looking.

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This is the first movie Jackie Chan uses special effects for his fighting.