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The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Continuity mistake: After Jenny yells "It's fucking pathetic" to Vilmer, Vilmer gets mad and throws a book across the room, and then grabs Darla and throws her to the floor. The chair next to Darla has three bones on the top of it as 'decoration.' As Vilmer grabs her and throws her down, the tall white bone on top of the chair falls to the floor. But in the next shot as Vilmer whacks W.E with a hammer, the bone is back on the chair.

Visible crew/equipment: When Leatherface is chasing Jenny, she gets into a couple's caravan. After Leatherface tries to get in, it cuts to an exterior shot and as Leatherface is running along with the caravan, in the window behind him you can see a crewmember with a cap on, running behind him off-screen.

Continuity mistake: As Heather is driving off and Barry is chasing after her, in one shot you can see the back tyre hubcap roll off of the car Heather is driving, but in the next shot the hubcap is still on.

Revealing mistake: As Leatherface breaks parts of the front door out with his chainsaw, there are three very large cracks in the door, presumeably to help him break the parts of the door out. In all previous shots/scenes, there were no cracks in the same part of the door.

Continuity mistake: Darla's window gets smashed by some local boys, and when she flashes them you can see there is some kind of netting in the window which is ripped. In the next shot the netting has vanished from the window.

Continuity mistake: Jenny wears a white silk scarf loosely around her neck, as part of her prom outfit. As Leatherface chases her through the muddy river, the scarf falls down her body to her waist. In the next shot though, it's back round her neck. But oh no, the fun doesn't stop there. After this, she removes the scarf from her neck and throws it in the river, not one, not two, but THREE times between shots.

The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Jenny crawls across her car, you can clearly see the black kneepads she is wearing.

Continuity mistake: When Jenny is hiding in the trees all out of breath, after Vilmer drives off in his truck, the left shoulder strap of Jenny's prom dress is up on her shoulder but then in the next shot it has fallen down her arm. In the following shot it is back on her shoulder! Also there is a flowery corsage on her dress which is on top of a bow which is part of the dress; but in the next shot the corsage is under the bow, then back to being on the bow in the final shot.

Continuity mistake: When Vilmer says to Jenny "I asked you a goddamn question" Darla is looking inside a cabinet in the background. In the very next shot she's now at the table putting makeup on.

Continuity mistake: Leatherface Chases Jenny through a muddy river, but when they reach the house seconds later, they are both very much drier.

Continuity mistake: When Jenny jumps through the window, the whole window (frame + glass) breaks and falls out. When Leatherface runs to the window, the middle wooden frame of the window is back in the windowframe, intact.

Revealing mistake: In the end when Jenny is sitting in a chair at the hospital with a doctor, in the glass screen behind the doctor you can see the reflection of the gurney which will be pushed on-screen in a few seconds. The doctor is obviously waiting with the gurney for his cue to come past.

Continuity mistake: When Leatherface is putting Heather in the freezer and then when he runs out of the room, the rate at which the lightbulb on the cord swings differs between shots through the scene. In one shot it's totally still, but it is swaying violently in the next shot.

Visible crew/equipment: When Jenny lands on the roof, near the left of the screen by the side of the house, trying to hide behind some black bin-liner, is a boom mic moving about.

Continuity mistake: After getting the pizza's, as Darla is walking across the porch to indoors and then stops to have a go at W.E, the door behind them goes from wide open to shut between shots.

The Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Leatherface gets Heather in the house, he grabs her and drags her down the hallway, as he enters a room, Heather grabs the sides of the doorway, to pull herself away from him. In the shot, you can see the wall to the right of the doorway has a mirror on the wall, nothing else, and on the counter below is a few lone lightbulbs and a coke can. However in the next shot, so many objects appear. There's now meathooks, chains and belts hanging on the wall either side of the mirror, and the counter is now covered in canisters, metal barrels and boxes.

Factual error: In the closing credits Matthew McConaughey's name is misspelt "Matthew McConnaughey."

Continuity mistake: When Leatherface grabs Heather on the porch, he pulls her towards the door and then rams into the door with Heather in his arms going into the door first. However when it changes to an interior shot of the house, and they come bursting through the door, Leatherface comes in first with his back to the door.

Continuity mistake: When Darla arrives home, as she is walking indoors with the pizzas, the pizza boxes rotate in her hands a few times, evident by the large "pizza" printed on one side of the box.

Revealing mistake: When Vilmer is chasing after Jenny across the field in his truck, in the frontal shots of Jenny running you can see that she is wearing some kind of (protective?) white leggins that are not present in any other scene.

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