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Wrong Turn

Continuity mistake: When Carly and her boyfriend are walking on the road, they stop to talk, and the other characters continue on. Seconds later Carly and her boyfriend spot a fire at the side of the road, and now they are ahead of the other two characters.

Plot hole: The fearless trio is in the watch tower when the hillbillies set fire to it. Realizing their fate if they stay, the three then jump out the window and onto nearby tree branches in order to escape the blaze. After escaping the towering inferno, it seems that the fire dies immediately. These three don't go far after jumping and are in the trees for some time. Shouldn't there be a great glow and lots of noise and smoke from the fire as the watch tower burns down?

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Carly, Scott, Chris and Jessie are approaching the house in the woods, the shot from the back shows Jessie crossing her arms and leaving them there, and Scott behind Carly, but a shot from the front shows Jessie's arms down by her side, and Scott holding Carly.

Wrong Turn mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Chris is hiding under the bed with Eliza Dushku, after the mountain-men drops the corpse, we see blood flowing towards the left hand, that is under the Chris's chin. In the next shot, the hand is the right one and after that it is the left one again.

Continuity mistake: When Chris talks to the cop and then the cop gets shot with an arrow, Chris runs into the truck and the man shoots another arrow. So altogether he shoots two times. The first one is in the cop's eye, so how come when he shoots the second through the truck window, there are now two arrows there, not one. He only fired two arrows and we see three.

Wrong Turn mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Towards the beginning of the film, as Jeremy Sisto walks down the road, he's wearing a flower necklace in the scene before his girlfriend has picked the flower for him. In the subsequent scene when she picks it, he's not wearing it.

Wrong Turn mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Rich and Amy are rock climbing, Rich reaches the top and is then killed and blood drops onto Amy's face. It is in droplets, then Amy wipes it, so it smears across her face, then it changes to a droplets again, then to smears, and the location, shape and size of the drop/smears differs too.


Continuity mistake: When they find the watch tower, Chris tosses aside the branch he was using as a crutch, so that he can climb up the ladder. After they've been spotted, when one of the mountain men is trying to come through the trap door, watch closely. After they block it off, Chris grabs the branch to use as a weapon.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the film when Chris is on the phone in his car, he loses the signal; watch his hand on the phone, it changes between shots.

Continuity mistake: After the crash the four start walking. While Scott is talking to Carly about eloping, she puts her hands on his shoulders, then puts them down, but in the shots from behind Scott her hands are still on his shoulders. When it cuts back to facing Scott, Carly's hands are down again.

Continuity mistake: Just after Carly, Scott, Jessie and Chris have left the house in the woods after waking up the Hannibals, the four of them proceed to run up a steep hill. When Carly and Scott begin to climb the hill there is no large tree stump on the ground, yet in all following shots one has appeared to help them climb up.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film when Chris is hiding underneath the cops' 4x4, we see one of the cannibals lean down to pick up the 4x4's keys off of the floor. He reaches with his left hand, but a shot from underneath the 4x4 shows the cannibal's right hand instead.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene of the film when we see the male climber almost reaching the top of the cliff. If you look on the side of the cliff, there is some kind of metal device/climbing equipment. This object moves between shots from being about two feet away to the right from the male climbers hand, to a few inches when the climber reaches for his last grip on the rockface.

Continuity mistake: Chris and Jesse, and Carly and Scott are walking along and Chris is trying to get a signal on his phone. Then when the shots changes, Jesse and Chris have swapped sides.


Continuity mistake: After the watch tower scene when Eliza is walking on the branches there are a few close ups of her feet trying to keep her balance and her boots are completely spotless. Later when she is tied up on the bed her tank top is also very white and clean.

Continuity mistake: When the trooper is talking to Chris he has a wedding band on. When he's lying dead, it's gone.

Continuity mistake: Chris hooks himself to the troopers' truck. But when it gets to the house he's nowhere to be seen.

Continuity mistake: When Chris and Jessie are hiding behind the waterfall at night, Chris has his trouser leg rolled up (you can see the blood on his knee) and Jessie ties a white bandage round Chris's left knee, but when they wake up in the morning the bandage is gone. There is no sign of the bandage under his trousers. There is also no sign of blood from the bullet wound, even though earlier when Jessie was wrapping his knee with the bandage you could see that his knee was covered in blood, yet none of the blood soaked through his trousers. You can also see that there is no longer an entry wound or any blood on the back of his trouser leg. Later, when the cop gets an arrow in the eye, Chris climbs into the police car and the blood stain has reappeared on the back of his left knee.

Revealing mistake: When the cannibal throws Francine on the floor, you can see her pulse in her neck.

Plot hole: In the end, the old timer sees the truck approaching and gets up and closes the door and acts as if he's scared. As we learned in part 2, these hillbillies are related to each other. Considering he knows the yellow truck, why does he act afraid?


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