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Shock Treatment

Audio problem: During the "Shock Treatment" musical sequence, look carefully at Dr. Nation McKinley's (Patricia Quinn) lips at the end of her solo speaking part. She mouths words to the song, even though the only voice you hear is Dr. Cosmo McKinley's (Richard O'Brien).

Continuity mistake: During the song "Little Black Dress", Cosmo is holding a glass of champagne in his left hand. In a shot soon after he's holding the glass in his right hand without enough time for him to have moved it. A little bit later, the glass is back in his left hand.

Continuity mistake: During the song "Duel Duet", the straps on Brad's straight jacket change position on the table at least once.

Continuity mistake: During the number "Little Black Dress," Bert Schnick pulls out a bowl of caviar and eats a bite of it. In the process, the sticky mess gets on his lips, hand, the table, and an adjacent dish. The next shot that we see him in, the mess is completely gone and he now seems to be eating a wafer.

Continuity mistake: While Janet is talking with her mother on the "Happy Homes" set, her father is playing golf with an automatic ball returner. In one shot, we see it plugged in. In the next shot, there is a close-up on it and it is unplugged and the cord seems to have disappeared.

Continuity mistake: Farley Flavors' lazy right eye disappears intermittently throughout the movie.

Continuity mistake: Right before the premiere of Faith Factory, several characters are found in the room above the audience discussing some things. As Neely interviews Farley Flavors, we see Nation pouring champagne in the corner. In the next shot, they all have champagne and the bottle is gone from her hands.

Continuity mistake: After Brad is wheeled out of Cosmo and Nation's office, the door closes. In the next shot, Cosmo hurts himself being hit by the swinging door.

Continuity mistake: In the wardrobe, as Cosmo walks away, the measuring tape is under the sewing machine and there is nothing on top of the plans for the dress. When he comes back to the machine, the tape is on top of the plans.

Other mistake: Towards the end when Janet, Brad, Oliver and Betty are singing "We're going to do it anyhow," as they are dancing down the aisle, Betty very visibly trips and grabs Oliver to stop from falling over.

Deliberate mistake: In the first shot, we see Farley Flavors sitting in what looks to be an editing room, smoking and waiting for the show to start. As we pan out, we continue to see him smoking, through a giant heart shaped window. A few moments later, we see the same heart shaped window, only now with a red screen over it.

Revealing mistake: When Betty and Oliver go to the coffee stand, immediately after Betty says "Plus one," you can see that the guy working the stand just grabs two cups from his stand without pouring coffee into them and gives it to Betty and Oliver, who drink from the empty cups.

Other mistake: During the 'Little Black Dress' number, look carefully at Cosmo's plans for the dress, they read 'The Brad and Janet Show' as this was to be the original title of the film. It doesn't really fit for Shock Treatment because the show being planned is only Janet, Brad is locked in a cage.

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When Betty and Ollie are talking in their office (and Ralph and Macy come in), look carefully at the table all the way to the left. There's an issue of Time Magazine that says "Cult Classics," with a picture of The Rocky Horror Picture Show's famous red lips. (That film was the predecessor to Shock Treatment).