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Babe: Pig in the City

Continuity mistake: When Esme runs to the camera then turns and runs back, she has a light pink handkerchief in her back pocket. When she climbs the balcony it is still there then when she jumps from the balcony and the suspenders stretch it has vanished.


Revealing mistake: At 77.03 Esme jumps and the suspenders slack like cloth. This shows that the suspenders are made of cloth not elastic.


Continuity mistake: When the bucket of glue falls on Esme's head and she is pushed into the police van, the glue is mostly covering her back. Later when she's in court it has solidified heavily over the front of her dress. Then as she walks up the stairs it's gone from the front of her dress.


Revealing mistake: When the dog with its legs in plaster is walking across the passageway the first time you see it its back legs are moving although they're supposed to be crippled.

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