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Second String

Second String (2002)

1 correction

Directed by: Robert Lieberman

Starring: Chris Berman, Doug Flutie, Mike Ditka, Van Miller

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Sport

Corrected entry: The Buffalo Bills play the Miami Dolphins in the AFC Championship game. That is impossible. They are both AFC East teams. The latest they could play eachother would be in the Divisional Playoffs.

Correction: The NFL playoffs are based on seeding and there is no thought given to what division teams are in. In each round the highest seed plays the lowest seed remaining. Example: The 2001 playoffs, the Bears and Packers, both NFC Central at the time of the movie, played in each of the divisional playoff games. Had they both won, they would have faced each other in the NFC title game. This holds true for the current divisional breakdown as well.

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In the Super Bowl, both end zones are painted with the Vikings logo (you can see the far end zone as they go to kick the game winning field goal). One end zone should bear the Bills' logo.


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