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Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where John uses a Caterpillar to enter the scuba and guns shop, the driver is a stuntman, in both slow or normal motion.

Andreas Winnberg

New this month Continuity mistake: During the motel room fight scene when Cooke crashes into the other room, the door separating the rooms changes between shots. When he first crashes through the door it's just a wooden door with a large brass knob, but when he lands on the floor in the other room the door is now surrounded by a white frame and the knob is visibly smaller.

New this month Continuity mistake: In the dealership, Cooke never shifts the Cadillac into reverse, and yet instantly starts backing up after he says he likes "the price." The car would have had to be in Park or Neutral in order to be cranked up and would not start in gear.

New this month Continuity mistake: In the final fight scene Bennett opens a furnace door into John's face, knocking him to the ground. When he opened the door it was two half-doors that opened together, yet in the next shot when he rips the door off to throw at John, only the bottom half is still there.

New this month Continuity mistake: After killing Henriques on the plane, Matrix asks the flight attendant how long the flight to Val Verdes is. When he asks her the question, her hand is on the curtain separating first class from economy, but in the next shot her arm is by her side when she answer's Matrix's question.

Commando mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After chasing down Sully, the yellow Porsche is totally wrecked on the left side, until Arnie drives it away, and it's fine.

Commando mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Matrix is driving the red car and trying to run Sully's yellow car off the road, watch the front bumper of the red car. At some points it is hanging off the car, and at others is it attached onto the car.

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Continuity mistake: At the very end of the film. When the 3 helicopters and the seaplane come into land, it is quite a wide show, with no boats visible. A few minutes later, when the seaplane takes off again, a big white boat is near the cost. Even if the boat was off camera during the landing scene, a few minutes was surely not enough to get that far, and that close to the shore.

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Revealing mistake: When Matrix hits the button to blow up the village, you can clearly see that there are only cardboard stand-ups of men next to the buildings blowing up. Also, for some reason the top of the watch-tower blows up when Matrix never put a bomb there.

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Continuity mistake: When Bennet and Matrix are fighting at the end. Bennet has his hand over Matrix's face. During instant camera cuts, the position of his hand alters on Matrix's face and neck.


Continuity mistake: During the shooting scene by the mansion, the same poor soldier gets killed from different angles, again and again and AGAIN....

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Continuity mistake: At the start of the film we see two guys on the bin wagon. The one on the left of the screen already has his Uzi in his left hand, yet in the next shot we see him lean into the back of the bin wagon to pick it out.

Commando mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Arnold lets go of the landing gear he lands in the water. A few seconds later we see him walking up towards the beach, and we can now see that he is only wet from his waist down. It's not likely that he would have been able to land standing on his feet and not not becoming completely soaked.

Commando mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Rae fires a rocket at the police van, first she fires it back to front then the second time she fires it correctly only this time she is knocked back by the recoil, why wasn't she affected the first time and pushed forward? Also there should be no recoil with a rocket launch.

Factual error: Towards the end there's a firefight between Matrix who wields a shotgun and El Presidente who is armed with a Steyr AUG. The weapon sounds used for the Steyr AUG however are from a MAC 10 or an UZI and don't sound a bit like it.

Audio problem: The scene where Bennet and Matrix are fighting towards the end of the movie, before Matrix kills Bennet they have each others throat in their hands and one of their backs is against the furnace. While they are grunting and groaning, if you listen carefully, you can hear one of them say "switch" just before they change positions.

Factual error: The shot of Matrix landing in the swamp after jumping from the plane isn't consistent with the free fall. The final shot indicates he has not fallen more than a couple meters. On top of that, after jumping from a DC-10 doing over 150 mph, he has no forward momentum when he lands.

Commando mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Matrix first rips out the seat of Cindy's car and sits in its spot, his body sits very low to the the bottom of the car. You can even see in the next scene that his head is clearly lower than Cindy's. However, during the chase scene, his head is level with Cindy's.

Revealing mistake: In the siege at the end, there is a shot where you can hear the squibs (small charges that explode on a stuntman to make it appear he was shot by a bullet) going off on one of the soldiers as Matrix shoots him.


Continuity mistake: When Matrix is infiltrating the base (just before he blows everything up), and just after he has cut a soldier's throat and planted a bomb, he is confronted by two more soldiers walking along with rifles slung. Seeing Matrix, the two frantically start un-slinging their rifles. Matrix throws two knives at them. Next we see the two soldiers falling with knives in their throats... and the one on the right has his rifle fully slung again.

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Sully: Here's twenty dollars to get some beers in Val Verde. It'll give us all a little more time with your daughter.
Henriques: Heh.
Matrix: You're a funny man, Sully, I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last.



When Col. John Matrix with Cooke in the motel, Matrix says the famous phrase: "I eat green berets for breakfast." This was a reference to Sylvester Stallone, who played a Green Beret in the Rambo movies.


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