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Return of the Living Dead Part II

Continuity mistake: After Tom Essex rips the whole arm off of the zombie which was attacking Jesse, in the next shot you can see the zombie had both hands still, visible on Jesse's shoulders.

Continuity mistake: Jesse sneaks downstairs so that he can go out, but the doorbell rings, so he hides in a closet. As he walks down the stairs, there is a table with a white pot on the edge of it. In the next shot it's in the centre.

Audio problem: In the church, Brenda lets Joey eat her brains. When she says "Okay, take them baby ," her mouth doesn't move, and her following screams are matched with a closed mouth as well.

Audio problem: When Billy grabs Jesse and forces him into the mausoleum, before locking him inside, Jesse's and Billy's audio does not match up to their mouth movements as they talk.

Visible crew/equipment: As Joey is driving the truck, he hits a zombie and goes over the kerb and drives into the electricity box. As he drives over the kerb you can see boards placed to help the van get up the kerb.

Continuity mistake: The head of the zombie woman which comes alive, is locked in a closet at Jesse's house. Yet at the end of the movie the same head has somehow managed to teleport itself to the electricity station.

Visible crew/equipment: When we first see the zombie climbing on the roof of the heroes car, you can see a red harness strap leading off screen, visible through the window.

Visible crew/equipment: When the severed hand is attacking Ed, and crawling on his body and shoulder, the black sleeve of the operator is visibly attached to the prop severed hand.

Plot hole: When Jesse falls through the casket when he's trying to escape the mausoleum, he knocks a corpse to the ground with him. Wouldn't it stand to reason that this corpse would be reanimated when all the others are?

Continuity mistake: As the car of heroes realises there is a zombie on the roof of their car, they jerk the car, and a hubcap flies off. Later on in the movie, all four hubcaps can be seen on the car.

Visible crew/equipment: When Billy jumps on the hood of the truck, Jesse honks the horn, and Billy falls backwards. As he falls, you can see a crewmember crouched down behind him.

Continuity mistake: A pencil appears in Mildred's hair when she tells George to get Doc Mandel, as she is on the phone, and then instantly disappears as she heads downstairs.

Continuity mistake: When Joey and Ed arrive at the graveyard they get out, and leave the van door open. After Brenda kisses Joey however, in the background you can see the van door is now closed.

Continuity mistake: When the vanload of heroes arrive at the army barrier, in one shot Doc puts his glasses down on his nose, yet in the next shot they're back up on his head.

Continuity mistake: After Billy wipes away the dirt from the barrel, to reveal the words written on it, the amount of dirt wiped off changes between shots, evident by more of the writing becoming exposed.

Revealing mistake: After Joey and Ed leave the mausoleum, they discover the graveyard full of zombies. As one zombie staggers forward, near the front of the screen, he bumps a tomb and it wobbles.

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