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A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Continuity mistake: David's father is leaning on the table, yet before David melts while eating spinach, his father disappears from the table.

Continuity mistake: During the spinach competition, on the angle from behind, David is swallowing really fast, but a frame later - from the front angle - his mouth is still and he opens it to show the food. Furthermore, a frame after this his head is down.

Continuity mistake: When Martin opens his mouth to show he's swallowed all the spinach, from David's point of view the bowl is dirty on the side, but swaps to clean on the next shot from the same point of view.

Continuity mistake: After Teddy runs away, Martin touches David's face with his right hand, but a frame later he's doing it with the left one.

Continuity mistake: When David and Martin call Teddy, the bear has both arms up. A frame later they're down.

Continuity mistake: While with Martin and David, Teddy runs crying "Mommy" and lands on a cushion, his feet outside the cushion. A frame later all of his body is resting on the cushion.

Continuity mistake: When he's saying goodbye to Joe, David's hair is alternately dry/wet and swaps styles between shots.

Continuity mistake: Before David gets stabbed in the pool, the guy with the knife's hair is messy, but during the stabbing it's brushed.

Visible crew/equipment: When David drinks from the empty glass, two huge lighting screens get reflected.

Continuity mistake: When David talks to the Fair, from the angle behind, he is standing parallel to her, from the front angle he is standing sideways.

Continuity mistake: When the robot catcher nets in the stray robots including David they go in the cage of the moon balloon, where David is struggling to hold on to Teddy as the balloon rises into the air. Teddy says "l'll break David" and at that point Teddy slips through Davids fingers and falls to the forest floor. Teddy then immediately runs to the top of the hill where the balloon he just fell from has already sunk well behind that hill only just seconds after falling from it. The balloon has moved far too quickly.

Continuity mistake: After Prof. Hobby leaves his glasses on the desk to stab a student's hand, the glasses turn 180ยบ around.

Continuity mistake: When Monica first meets David, David walks out onto the carpeted floor and takes a step down to the wood tiled floor. He taps his feet on the wood tiled floor and then steps back up to the carpeted floor. He taps his feet again and turns around to face Monica. This is just before he tells her, "I like your floor." The mistake here is that Monica was pulled from the carpeted floor to the wood tiled floor before David walked in. So, David should not have had to turn around to face her because she would have been in front of him ... not behind him.

Continuity mistake: When David finds himself, David II's seat swaps from facing a 5 o'clock to a 7 o'clock direction back and forth depending on the angle.

Continuity mistake: When stranding David, the mother cries, "I gotta leave", and then her hand swaps from resting on his shoulder with extended fingers, to clutching his shoulder, between shots.

Continuity mistake: About to strand David, his mother stops the car for a brief second. When she continues driving, a large amount of debris has appeared on the road.

Continuity mistake: While being operated, the way David's sweatshirt is folded differs between the front and back shot, when he says, "Mom, it doesn't hurt."

Plot hole: When Martin decides to antagonize David by eating spinach, he eats it from his plate. When they both eat the spinach frantically, they each eat out of a large bowl. Where did the second large bowl come from, and why would there even be a second one if they only need enough for three people?

Plot hole: Hair does not contain DNA so the boy's mother could not be recreated from just a snipping of hair. The hair follicle contains DNA but that would only be present if the hair had been ripped out. The robot bear that gives David the hair didn't really have a chance to get any hair as he left with David early on in the film and they never returned. Added to that even if he did have the opportunity, he wouldn't have thought about getting extra hair. They only find out about the DNA cloning at the very end of the film when the mother had passed away a long time ago.

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In Philip K. Dick's short story "Type II" which became the movie Screamers, the Type III robot was a small boy named David, carrying a Teddy.