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The Care Bears Movie

Continuity mistake: When Kim and Jason are running with their heads turned, they circle around a tent and soon collide with Nicholas, causing him to trip over a hose and land several feet on the other side of it. Once Nicholas reaches out to capture the two children, we can see him sitting on opposite side of the hose.

Continuity mistake: As Nicholas is carrying a magic trunk into the trailer, Fetuccini sits in his swivel chair constructing a house of cards. Notice how the chair's back support is held up by one solid piece. In a different shot, Nicholas is losing his balance - here's where Fetuccini's chair has three posts holding up the back support. Later, Fetuccini is plucking his mustache on the same chair but now it strangely has two posts.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end, when Nicholas is standing near the castle entrance, he demands the Care Bear family to surrender Kim and Jason. In his right hand is the magic spell book - which has the evil spirit's glowing green head between the pages and a portrait of its face on the front. After Good Luck Bear and Grumpy transport themselves to Earth via rainbow rescue beam, the next two shots of the book reveal a blank cover without the evil spirit's glowing head.

Continuity mistake: When Fetuccini is scolding Nicholas inside the trailer, Tenderheart becomes trapped beneath the desk where he's able to peer at Nicholas through a hole in the wall. After "Nobody Cares Like a Bear," notice that Fetuccini is plucking his mustache. However, Tenderheart has vanished from beneath the desk...only to reappear in the next shot.

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of "Home Is In Your Heart," everybody starts running through a trail in the Forest of Feelings. Notice, for instance, that Jason's left hand is holding Secret Bear's right hand. But in the next shot, everybody in the chain has suddenly switched hands.

Other mistake: As the cloud clipper nears a waterfall, Tenderheart orders the other Care Bears on deck. Here they use "stares" to recreate the images on their tummies, forming a balloon that floats everyone to safety. Notice there are eight bears huddled together. When Tenderheart gives the cue, only seven images rise to the top of the mast. It turns out that Champ Bear's trophy is missing.

Continuity mistake: When Tenderheart gets thrown into the cage, there are several books nearby - one of which says "MAGIC" on the spine. The word briefly disappears during the next couple of shots, only to return moments before Tenderheart frees himself to go after Nicholas.

Continuity mistake: When Kim and Jason enter the fun house, their first obstacle has large wooden planks held up with ropes. Once they step onto the sixth and final plank, Nicholas points his finger on the opposite side. From this vantage point, however, there are only four planks.

Continuity mistake: When Playful Heart Monkey starts playing charades near the evil spirit's tree, a limb suddenly swoops down to grab Kim and Jason. Initially the tree has green eyes, but for a brief moment they change over to black, then back to green.

Continuity mistake: Once Nicholas unlocks the evil spirit, it asks him to recite two spells from the book - the first of which slams a door in Fetuccini's face. As he tries the door, we can see that it's made of five boards. The next spell sends Fetuccini into a deep sleep, and at this point Nicholas opens the door to reveal that it's now composed of four boards.

Continuity mistake: During "Home Is In Your Heart," Kim begins to sing about a rose, and the one she's holding has leaves and a stem attached; but when Secret Bear reaches out to stroke it, these parts have disappeared. Kim then tosses the rose to distract a bee and, all of a sudden, the stem and leaves reappear.

Continuity mistake: When Grams Bear steps over to ask Grumpy about Hugs and Tugs' whereabouts, she stands on a rainbow ramp - colored yellow, orange and red. Once they walk away to search, Hugs and Tugs enter the scene sliding down the ramp, which has suddenly changed colors to green, yellow and orange.

Continuity mistake: After Tenderheart Bear gets trapped underneath Fetuccini's desk, the scene changes to Care-a-Lot. Here we can see a rainbow leading up to the Hall of Hearts' entrance. Initially, the rainbow has six colors arranged from red to violet. Just before the doors swing open to reveal Grumpy Bear at work on the rainbow rescue beam, red disappears from the color sequence.

Continuity mistake: At the inauguration ceremony, Tenderheart Bear is shown leading the family up a ramp adjacent to the rainbow rescue beam. But in the next shot, everybody is shown walking on the opposite ramp.

Continuity mistake: When Playful Heart Monkey and Friend Bear are being pursued by a pair of kids through the dilapidated carnival, they take cover near a calliope. Upon first glance, the calliope's three blue levers are pointing down, up and down (in that sequence). Suddenly these levers change to red and get a different arrangement: down, down and up (with the lever nearest Playful Heart now conveniently positioned up for him to lean on and activate the music).

Continuity mistake: When Secret Bear is chasing a butterfly on the clouds, he suddenly falls through and lands on Friend Bear's lap inside of the cloud car. Consequently, the car spirals out of control towards Earth. Just before they land in the city park, the two bears can now be seen sitting alongside one another.

Continuity mistake: After the cloud clipper sets off on a voyage, the scene changes to the Forest of Feelings - where a four-color rainbow is circling down towards the ground, representing Friend Bear, Secret Bear, Kim and Jason. Notice the interior portion of the rainbow has reversed colors relative to the exterior; but immediately before the rainbow dissipates, the colors adjust themselves back to normal.

Continuity mistake: At the inauguration ceremony, Tenderheart Bear begins walking towards the family. Just then, four cousins leap across the heart-shaped table and start dancing on the floor (Bright Heart Raccoon, Gentle Heart Lamb, Loyal Heart Dog and Proud Heart Cat). As Tenderheart approaches the table, these cousins are once again seated, but they quickly reappear standing in the next shot.

Other mistake: When the cloud clipper runs aground to greet the remaining Care Bear Cousins, Tenderheart slides to shore over a translucent rainbow bridge to have an exchange with Kim and Jason. Just as he says "I know exactly what you mean," the camera pans left and Love-a-Lot Bear is visible near the bridge missing her figure from the neck down.

Continuity mistake: During "Home Is In Your Heart," Friend Bear can be seen pouring water upon the clouds. A rainbow soon appears with a blue, green, yellow, orange and red sequence. In the next shot, she begins to slide over the rainbow which now has reversed colors.

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The only Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin that do not make an appearance in this movie are True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse.