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The Care Bears Movie

Continuity mistake: After Cozy Heart Penguin is introduced, an evil barracuda sets out to trap the cloud clipper in a whirlpool - and it's not long before Tenderheart loses control of his steering wheel. Up above the deck we can see the mast rotating on a fixed point in a counterclockwise manner; but in the next shot its motion has suddenly wandered dramatically off-center.

Continuity mistake: After Mr. Cherrywood performs a brief juggling act for the children, he wishes everyone a good night and gets ready to leave the room, placing his right hand on the door's edge. But after they call him back to recite a bedtime story, Mr. Cherrywood's hand is now on the doorknob instead.

Continuity mistake: When Braveheart Lion climbs the tree and extends his hand in an attempt to save Kim, Jason, Secret Bear and Friend Bear as they dangle from a branch, it finally snaps off. However, the branch is nowhere to be seen as everyone falls to the clouds in the next shot.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the movie on many occasions, a blue staircase with three steps is visible at the foot of Fetuccini's trailer door. But in one scene where Fetuccini announces that Nicholas will headline his latest magic act, notice how the staircase has two steps all of a sudden.

Continuity mistake: When Nicholas first realizes that an evil spirit is talking through the book, he is astonished and begins to stagger back. Behind him is a shelf with books and a cage. Notice how three books on the left hand side of the cage are stacked with their spines facing right. But later on when Tenderheart releases himself from the cage, these books are stacked differently - with the center book's spine now facing out.

Continuity mistake: When Fetuccini is giving Nicholas a magic lesson, he pulls a wand from his chest pocket and uses it to make a hand of cards spring out from his left hand. But two shots later, after Nicholas scatters an entire deck all over the floor, Fetuccini's wand is suddenly missing.

Continuity mistake: During the intro of "Home Is In Your Heart," Friend Bear and the others are shown walking on a trail decorated with colorful stars. But as she begins to sing in the next shot, all of the stars have changed color to yellow.

Continuity mistake: After the evil spirit's tree picks up Kim and Jason with its limbs, Friend Bear shouts "You asked for it!" and starts running over to confront it. In this shot, two small red hearts are visible on both of her sides, though they're only supposed to appear on a Care Bear's right side.

Continuity mistake: When the entire Care Bear family is first shown sitting around the heart-shaped table as Tenderheart speaks, notice how a pink wall surrounds the door frame in the background. But as everyone starts hopping over the table, all of a sudden there are clouds outlining the frame.

Factual error: During the finale, Tenderheart calls for the other Care Bears to line up alongside him. At this moment, a tent's sign is visible in the background with "Arcade" misspelled as "Aroade".

Continuity mistake: When Swift Heart Rabbit darts over to the evil spirit's tree, she first encounters Secret Bear - who is tangled in a vine surrounded by colorful leaves. However, the tree only had solid purple leaves initially.

Revealing mistake: As the scene changes over from Fetuccini and Nicholas gathering cards to the inauguration ceremony, look very closely at the Care Bear Cousins (seated at the table's left side). Some of them, such as Swift Heart Rabbit and Playful Heart Monkey, already have tummy symbols - which are supposed to be awarded by Tenderheart several moments later.

Continuity mistake: When Nicholas and Tenderheart are on the castle's cart track struggling to keep the evil spirit's book closed, Jason walks over with Secret Bear's key which will lock it away for good. As he fastens the lock, notice how Jason is kneeling down between the two steel rails of the track. For a moment the scene cuts over to several onlooking Care Bears and Cousins; but the next shot reveals Jason kneeling on the other side of the rails.

Continuity mistake: Right when Love-a-Lot Bear calls attention to Bedtime Bear falling overboard, Tenderheart is seen navigating the cloud clipper. Take a look at his steering wheel, which is mounted in front of the pedestal. A few moments later when a whirlpool strikes, the wheel spins out of control; but now it happens to be fastened behind the pedestal.

Continuity mistake: Inside the trailer where Nicholas gets chastised for spilling the magic trunk's contents, notice how Fetuccini is wearing two white gloves. Meanwhile, Tenderheart Bear is right outside to overhear what's going on. But the moment he tiptoes into the trailer, Fetuccini shouts "Enough of your sorries!" and briefly has no glove on his left hand.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Playful Heart Monkey compares Kim and Jason's characteristics to those of lions with haircuts, Friend Bear is shown leaning on Secret Bear. But after Kim and Jason correct Playful Heart, he walks away causing the bears to lose their balance. But somehow they switch positions right before falling to the clouds.

Continuity mistake: Whenever Nicholas is shown casting his evil spells, a podium is present several feet away from the cauldron. Fast forward to the climactic finale. After the final ingredient drops into the cauldron, Tenderheart Bear runs over to reason with Nicholas; but notice how the podium has briefly vanished at this point.

Continuity mistake: As the camera zooms in on a heart-shaped table where all of the Care Bears and Cousins are seated listening to Tenderheart speak, Braveheart Lion (immediate left) is shown cradling Baby Tugs with his right arm and Baby Hugs with his left. But somehow each cub has swapped over to the opposite arm in the following shot.

Continuity mistake: Once Tenderheart Bear releases himself from the cage, he grabs a key and starts towards the tent where Nicholas will soon cast an evil spell upon the audience. A couple of empty benches are visible inside, but in the following shot - from within the tent - children are now seated at every one.

Audio problem: After Wish Bear announces that Kim and Jason will be adopted by new parents, Cheer Bear turns around and exclaims "Congratulations Kim and Jason!" However, her lips don't move at all when the words are said.

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The only Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin that do not make an appearance in this movie are True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse.