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The Care Bears Movie

Continuity mistake: Once the cloud clipper docks opposite the tunnel's entrance, Braveheart jumps onto the pier and crosses his arms. But from the next angle his arms are suddenly crossed differently.

Continuity mistake: When Wish Bear gets ready to toss a star buddy and rope into the sky, she starts off by holding the rope in both hands. But in the next shot she's only using her right hand.

Continuity mistake: After saying his piece about a partnership with Nicholas, Fetuccini's left arm removes itself from Nicholas' shoulder between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Kim and Jason are watching Nicholas and Swift Heart from behind the clown cutouts, Kim places a hand over her mouth between shots.

Continuity mistake: After the cloud clipper docks in front of the vandalized tunnel, Kim places her hand on the port side. Then, between shots, her hand jumps back inside the clipper.

Continuity mistake: Towards the beginning when Grumpy Bear is busy trying to find a problem with the rainbow rescue beam, he wheels his heart-shaped creeper beneath the control panel and starts complaining. During this shot, the creeper briefly vanishes beneath him.

Continuity mistake: Lotsa Heart Elephant is briefly drawn without his pink tail in a shot right before the cloud clipper drifts over the waterfall's edge.

Continuity mistake: After Swift Heart Rabbit pounces onto Nicholas' face to distract him from taking another shot at Cozy Heart Penguin in the high dive pool, the background behind Nicholas changes instantly between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Good Luck Bear and Grumpy are finalizing the rainbow rescue beam's repairs, a cloud quake splits the Hall of Hearts' floor in two. All of the floor tiles switch direction in this shot, but they quickly return to normal as the bears reach over to save their tools.

Continuity mistake: During Nicholas' final confrontation with the Care Bears, he repeatedly asks for Kim and Jason's whereabouts - but they won't give it away. Suddenly they all execute a stare and, in one of the following shots where the evil spirit whispers "Too late," Nicholas is briefly missing his magician's cape.

Continuity mistake: After Nicholas casts his final spell over the cauldron, the Care Bears are shown outside of the castle walls gathered around the rail carts. Share Bear and Tenderheart are sitting up front, but in the next shot they're both walking off of a different cart.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Tenderheart's cloud clipper approaches a waterfall, the other Care Bears team up to make a red balloon which carries it to safety. In the first distant view of the clipper being lifted, Lotsa Heart Elephant is standing near the helm; but in the next shot when Tenderheart says "Well done," he is now looking down below over the starboard side with Bright Heart Raccoon.

Continuity mistake: After Cozy Heart Penguin introduces herself and jumps aboard the cloud clipper, it resumes sailing down the river and, on top of the mast, a pink banner is visible flapping in the wind. Several shots later when a whirlpool takes over, Cozy Heart says, "We're caught," but now there's no banner on the mast.

Continuity mistake: When Nicholas wakes up in Fetuccini's magic trunk, an evil spirit's glowing book speaks to him from across the room saying "I know many things." He suddenly gasps with surprise and, in the following shot, lifts himself up. Between these two shots, the number of bolts fastened to the trunk changes (note the right side rear and on either edge of the lock where Nicholas' feet were hanging).

Continuity mistake: During the Care Bears' final showdown with Nicholas, the fence surrounding the castle's perimeter vanishes and reappears between shots; the most noticeable instance is when Braveheart Lion prompts his fellow Cousins to call.

Continuity mistake: Inside the castle where the Care Bears are lined up together getting ready to initiate their stare on Nicholas, Cheer Bear's rainbow tummy symbol is colored red, green and blue. But at the moment they all begin to stare, the sequence changes to red, yellow and green.

Continuity mistake: After Jason takes Secret Bear's key and seals off the evil spirit's book for good, all of the Care Bears and Cousins who were watching anxiously start cheering and jumping around. At this point, notice how the whole background consists of carnival stands, tents and a ferris wheel. But once Lotsa Heart Elephant sounds his trumpet a few moments later, there's nothing in the background except for trees.

Continuity mistake: After Nicholas springs from the trailer to search for magic spell ingredients, he runs over to the nearest garbage can and starts picking. Behind him is a gazebo, and its staircase is located three openings from the right. But later on when Nicholas and Fetuccini are outside talking about friends, take another look at the same gazebo: the staircase has moved all by itself - now it is located five spaces from the right.

Continuity mistake: While Grumpy and Good Luck Bear are in Care-a-Lot putting finishing touches on the broken rainbow rescue beam, a cloud quake ruptures the floor beneath their feet and scatters debris all around. After the quake recedes, Grumpy shoots Good Luck Bear an astonished look and, at this point, bits and pieces of the ceiling are visible on either side of the floor's seam. But in the next shot when they both turn their heads to the caring meter outside, no pieces appear anywhere.

Continuity mistake: When Secret Bear and Friend Bear's cloud mobile circles out of control right above the park, Kim and Jason are shown walking hand in hand on a trail below. But in the next shot when they witness the bears crash into a tree, they're suddenly walking apart from one another.

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The only Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin that do not make an appearance in this movie are True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse.