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The Care Bears Movie

Continuity mistake: As the evil spirit's hawk circles Kim and Jason, Secret Bear and Friend Bear can be seen standing several feet apart near the cliff's edge. But between shots, they move within inches of each other.

Plot hole: What was the point of Jason holding onto the key to the evil spirit's book when Secret Heart Bear can simply create a key herself?

Continuity mistake: When the Care Bears boat begins to be pulled into the whirlpool, made by the evil spirit fish, one of the bears grabs a rope and sends a special star into the sky to help them, attached to the rope. The bear then picks the end of the rope up, and begins to tie it to the mast. In the next shot you can see the end of the rope still laying on the floor again, unattatched to the mast, the in the next shot it's back on the mast again.

Plot hole: After the quake hits Care-a-lot and everything becomes cracked and tarnished, one of the bears comes running over exclaiming that the Care Meter has dropped "two whole points!" and points to the meter. However, the meter doesn't drop until after the line is said.

The Care Bears Movie mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the evil spell takes over the tree in the Forest of Feelings, Tenderheart Lion has his symbol on his belly in the shot as Swift Heart rabbit is coming to the rescue. Even though they don't get their symbols until the end of the movie.

The Care Bears Movie mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After the Care Bears and Cousins and Kim and Jason finally lock up the evil book, everyone cheers. In the shot of the Bears cheering, we see Good Luck Bear, wearing nothing, cheering. In the next shot he has his yellow raincoat back on.

Continuity mistake: When Nicholas first puts the key inside the evil spell book to unleash it, he inserts it vertically, parallel to the keyhole. In the next shot it's suddenly positioned horizontally, and he then turns it vertically to open it.

Continuity mistake: When the driver delivers the treasure chest to Nicholas' magician cart, he throws a cigar down to the floor and leaves. In the next shot as Nicholas heaves the chest inside, the cigar has suddenly vanished from the floor.

Continuity mistake: When Tenderheart first picks up the key to the book, we see that it has no teeth, it's just a smooth piece of metal. Later in the movie, when Tenderheart gives the key to Jason for safe keeping, we see that it now has teeth.

Continuity mistake: When Tenderheart Bear is in the trailer watching Nicholas and Fetuccini from the doorway, notice the wall below Fetuccini's left hand as he speaks: it's plain, flat pieces of wood. But when Tenderheart is suddenly forced to hide beneath the desk, he spots a large hole in the wall through which he can see Nicholas. It shouldn't be there at all since the adjacent wall on the opposite side had no visible holes in the previous shot.

Continuity mistake: When Nicholas opens the door to reveal that Fetuccini has been possessed by a sleeping spell, a top hat and cape are visible, hanging from their own hooks on a nearby coat rack. But soon the evil spirit convinces Nicholas to perform magic tricks on Fetuccini's behalf. Once he reaches over to grab the hat and cape, they are suddenly hanging by the same hook.

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Continuity mistake: When the evil spirit's book is unlocked, Nicholas turns the key with his right hand. Suddenly, he's thrown to the wall and the key has shifted to his left hand.

Continuity mistake: During the song "Home is In the Heart," when they dance around the pole tying the ribbons and then slide down the rainbow, Tenderheart Bear is now Friend Bear in this scene, for a temporary time.

Continuity mistake: During "Home is in the Heart" after we meet the Care Bear Cousins we see everyone weaving yellow and red ribbons around a pole. Then the camera cuts to a more distant view of them sliding down some clouds away from the finished pole. The trouble is, the yellow and red color scheme we saw on the pole a minute ago is now a multi-colored rainbow scheme.

Continuity mistake: When the magician is sitting at his desk, stacking cards into a pyramid, in some shots, some of the cards facing outwards, show the front side of the card. However in the next shot, these cards are now showing the back (red) side of the card.

Continuity mistake: When the Care Bears and Cousins are in the boat sailing down the river, just before they enter the cave the Care Bear steering the boat does not have a symbol on his tummy.

Other mistake: During the climactic moment when they're defeating the book, Jason shoves the key into the lock, sealing the evil within. However, he shoves the key into the lock upside down.

The Care Bears Movie mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As the Care Bears "stare" at the evil spirit bird, Friend Bear can be seen on the Cloud Boat and the cliff at the same time!

Continuity mistake: Near the beginning, Mr. Cherrywood performs a quick juggling act. Once he finishes, the number of red balls in either hand alternates between cuts.

Continuity mistake: When Playful Heart Monkey swings down from a tree to grab Kim's ponytail, she has both hands raised in the air. From a different angle, Kim's hands are placed on the ground behind her instead.

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The only Care Bear and Care Bear Cousin that do not make an appearance in this movie are True Heart Bear and Noble Heart Horse.