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Lady and the Tramp

Continuity mistake: Lady is put in her bed and the master leaves the kitchen but he goes back in and puts a newspaper on the floor and leaves again but Lady gets out of her bed so the master comes back once more and puts her back in her bed but the newspaper on the floor has vanished.

Continuity mistake: When Lady is running away from the pet shop she is chased by the angry mutts. The middle dog's inner ear color is solid green yet in the next scene is pink. (2006 edition).

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Jock and Trusty are telling Lady that Darling is having a baby, Lady's collar changes from blue to brown and back to blue (2006 edition).

Continuity mistake: After Tramp fights off some stray dogs in a back alley, we see him standing adjacent to a wooden fence. The next angle shows him near some barrels, trash and wagon wheels instead of a fence.

Continuity mistake: When the Siamese cats jump onto the grand piano a vase tips over, spilling roses across the bench and floor. Once the shot changes several roses appear on the keys, and those which have hit the floor are gone.

Continuity mistake: When Darling is busy knitting something for the baby, her ball of pink yarn falls to the floor. The length of string she was using is taut at first, but once the shot changes a significant amount of slack appears on her lap.

Continuity mistake: When Lady tries walking into Jim Dear's bachelor party, several men are standing directly beneath the door frame. But nobody is anywhere near the frame one shot later where Lady makes her way through.

Continuity mistake: After Jock and Trusty stop the pound carriage in its tracks, an oncoming taxi illuminates the back where Tramp is locked up. Here we can see the door's cage has no broken metal wires, but two shots later where Lady walks up to it, a couple of its wires are suddenly sheared apart.

Continuity mistake: While Lady is in her backyard shouting at Tramp, she kicks a bone in his direction. But watch closely: the bone is on a trajectory to overshoot the dog food tray, but it somehow lands there in the following shot.

Continuity mistake: When Lady and Tramp's puppies are waiting for Trusty to say something about Old Reliable, the gifts beneath the Christmas tree rearrange themselves. Watch how different they look in the closing shot from inside the house before the movie ends.

Continuity mistake: When Jim Dear is at the kitchen table reading his torn morning paper, he reaches through the front page to grab his cup of coffee from a plate. But in the next shot where Lady is at his feet wagging her tail in anticipation for some coffee, a piece of toast and butter knife suddenly appear from nowhere among the other items on the table.

Continuity mistake: The screen doors on the Darlings' front doors appear and disappear between scenes. Also, with double doors, one door is bolted shut with top and bottom latches most of the time ("inactive") with the other door being the "active" door that is opened and closed when coming or going. However, throughout the film characters open either door, which would be impossible to do without interfering with the lock mechanism, the door stop mouldings, etc. and damaging the doors' edges.

Continuity mistake: When Tramp finds Lady tied up with a muzzle, its long strap jumps to a different position on the ground. First it's situated at Lady's side, but then it's out in front of her moments later.

Continuity mistake: As Tramp shouts "log puller," the beaver works his way through a fallen tree and makes quite a gouge in it. But moments later when the beaver tries removing Lady's muzzle, the gouge disappears altogether.

Continuity mistake: When Lady and Tramp are walking through the zoo trying to find something that will remove her muzzle, they approach an alligator's cage to see if he'll help out. Lady and Tramp are standing in between a couple of steel bars at first, but in the next shot a bar appears between them instead.

Continuity mistake: In the dog pound scene, one unlucky victim is taking the "long walk" to be put down. Towards the end of the corridor, he goes past three cells. But in the following shot after Lady asks the other inmates where the dog is headed for, only two cells are present.

Continuity mistake: When Tramp is scratching on the back door of Tony's Restaurant looking for some breakfast, you can see an ad posted on the brick wall for Uncle Tom's Cabin dated August 6,7,8. But once Joe peeks through the door to see Tramp, August is now abbreviated on the ad.

Continuity mistake: During Tramp's walk through town on a search for breakfast, he notices a few puppies for sale and takes a moment to admire them. The hands of the downtown clock behind his left shoulder are positioned at 7:00 A.M., but when Tramp turns away and resumes walking the clock reads 1:00 P.M.

Continuity mistake: When Trusty is having a dream on his porch, a striped caterpillar makes his way down from a potted plant on the front door's right side. So Trusty - still asleep - sniffs his way along the porch's floorboards where the caterpillar falls between a crack. Suddenly he wakes up to see Lady and Jock waiting at the staircase. In the next shot he's asking which way the caterpillar went, but if you look at the plant behind him you can see how it's now placed on the door's left side instead.

Continuity mistake: Darling's wedding ring keeps appearing and disappearing off of her finger throughout the film, and in the scene where she is putting the flower pot on the window sill, it changes to her right hand instead of her left.

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Peggy Lee (famous for the song Fever) not only wrote most of the songs in the film, but also voiced the characters Peg the dog, Darling and the two siamese cats.