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Mad Max

New this week Revealing mistake: After Max takes up the chase and is on Nightrider's tail, you can see that the driver of the cop car is a stunt driver, as he appears to have a hat on. Also, there appears to be a helmeted figure in the passenger seat where there is supposed to be nobody.

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Mad Max mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: You can see the string that pulls Bubba off the bike when Max shoots him.

Continuity mistake: When Goose crashes his motorbike, he lands on his front. The previous shot shows him falling back-first.

Continuity mistake: When Goose is ambushed by the bikers, one of them throws a brake drum through the windshield of his car, making Goose lose control and crash. As the car begins rolling down the hill, you can clearly see a silver-helmeted stunt driver falling across the front seat bench.

Mad Max mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Max has stolen the Interceptor and is closing in on the bikers for the first time, there's a sequence of shots showing the bikers and the approaching Interceptor. They're on a two-lane road surrounded by trees. Cut to Max turning on the car's blower and shifting gears. Then we see him dive into the bikers; but the whole scenery has changed. The road is now narrow and there are no trees around.

Mad Max mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the widescreen edition DVD, when Max's wife tugs at the chain on the back of the car after they have escaped the gang members, before she sees the ripped-off hand tied to it, you can see a crew member's hand holding the chain.

Continuity mistake: In the opening chase sequence, the Nightrider is being chased by two Main Force Patrol (MFP) cars (the bright yellow, red and blue ones). In one scene the stolen car driven by the Nightrider and one of the pursuit cars are side by side (they past either side of a small child standing in the road. In the following shot there is a point of view shot of the road ahead which shows a yellow/red/blue car lying on its roof in the road in front the caravan. This vanishes in the next shot when the lead MFP car hits the telephone box and rolls but reappears seconds later as the second MFP car (with the smashed in nose) goes through the caravan.

Mad Max mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Just in time for the impact, the semi truck that kills Toe Cutter instantly has a large metal shield in front, painted to look like the actual front of the truck seen moments earlier. It even has all the lights painted to appear as if they are lit up.


Continuity mistake: When Goose is leaving for his final ride, he burns rubber, leaving a long, black mark on the road. As the shot changes to Johnny the Boy, Goose can be seen in the background, but the mark on the road has disappeared. It's the same street, same place, you can tell it by the details on the walls of the buildings in the scene.

Visible crew/equipment: After the bikers finish revving their engines (when they first arrive in town) there are a couple of close-ups of some of the bikers. One of the bikers starts unstrapping his headgear, as he does this four bright stagelights are reflected in the helmets visor.

Jack Vaughan

Revealing mistake: When the motorcycles are chasing the guy and his girl in the red car, one of the motorcycle riders attacks the car with a machete. He first hits the side of the car, and then goes to hit the windshield. Notice the windshield is already cracked prior to the machete making contact.

Mad Max mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Max and his family reach Aunt May's house, Jessie decides to go down to the beach. As she walks toward Max, working on the Holden, she's wearing sandals. She walks around the van and is now wearing sheep skin boots. Yet, as she walks off, she is now wearing sandals again.

Pat Patterson

Continuity mistake: Towards the end of the opening chase, when the police car flips over, just before this you can see the stunt driver in the car and the passenger is missing, not even replaced by a dummy.

Plot hole: At the end when Max is chasing the Toecutter, he is right behind him. When the Toecutter hits the truck there is not enough time for Max to avoid the truck and reverse into the small side turning, as the collision was instantanous.

Continuity mistake: When the Toecutter is talking to Johnny The Boy at the beach, the man behind in the army style overcoat has his hand in and out of his pocket, depending on the angle.

Continuity mistake: When Max first gets in his car at the start, he listens to the chase on the radio and we see the reflection in his sunglasses showing the bonnet of the car, a yellow road sign, and what looks like a white single decker bus/coach (could be the film crew bus). When he pulls away, none of those things are there. He drives down the road and pulls up, waiting for the Nightrider to appear, and we see the same reflection in the close up to his sunglasses again - sign, bus/coach and bonnet, but the road in front is clear.

Revealing mistake: When Goose puts his crashed bike in the back of the pick up truck you can see foil wrapped around the spokes to simulate the mag wheels. The budget was so tight they could not afford a second set of mag wheels for the stunt bike.

Continuity mistake: When Max is lying on the road towards the end of the movie, his right arm is stretched and he's trying to reach for his gun; then in the next shot, his arm is in the air and he's stretching it towards the gun.

Visible crew/equipment: When Goose is interrogating the stoned biker he turns around and says "Take your time Charlie, we're got plenty of it", when he turns you can see the feet of the camera operator reflected in his glasses. It cannot be the other policeman as he is in the other room.

Jack Vaughan

Revealing mistake: When bikers ride over Max's arm; a small hole in the asphalt under Max's arm can be seen.

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Due to budget constraints, the only real leather costume was Mel Gibson's.


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