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The Birds

Continuity mistake: As Melanie opens Mitch's front door, her pocketbook is strapped around her wrist. In the next shot, as she comes through the door, the pocketbook is up around her forearm.

Continuity mistake: As Melanie gets back into the boat she places her pocketbook in the back with the latch facing her. In the next shot as she watches Mitch on the shore the pocketbook is reversed and it stays that way until she gets out of the boat after being hit by the gull.

Continuity mistake: When Melanie walks over to see the gas station attendant attacked, the green drape is flush with the side of the window. No one touched it but a few shots later it's been pulled out about six inches from the side of the window.

Continuity mistake: When Lydia first looks into Mr. Faucet's room she sees a dead bird smashed up against his window. If you look at the drawing of the backdrop outside the window it's a bright sunshiny day but when Lydia was just outside, and again when she leaves, the sky was overcast.

Continuity mistake: The aerial shot of the fire is wrong. The two cars parked across from the exploding orange car are green on the left and white on the right. In the aerial shot they're both black.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when Mitch catches the yellow bird under his hat take a good look at the injury (subungual hematoma) he has under his left thumb nail. It takes weeks for these to go away, but Mitch's is gone when we see his left thumb again as he holds Melanie in the kitchen.

Continuity mistake: The shadow of the statue on the right of the piano changes between shots. When we first see it in this scene the shadow falls right in the center of the picture of father then as they all sit waiting for the attack the shadow falls on the right side of the picture.

Continuity mistake: After Melanie says, "Oh Mitch," during the attack, they have a close-up of the knuckles of her left hand. The first time we see them they're scraped and bloody but the second time it's the palm and wrist and not the knuckles that are bloody.

Continuity mistake: As Melanie sooths Kathy she has a towel in her right hand that she drops on the green pillow to the left of the couch. We catch a glimpse of it lying there as Mitch runs to put wood in the fireplace. Melanie never touches the towel again but the next time we see it it's in the middle of the couch.

Continuity mistake: As Mitch goes out the dining room door to the garage there's a big oily, drippy stain behind and to the right of his head. In the next shot it's gone.

Continuity mistake: As Melanie, Mitch and Cathy get into her car to leave the school, Annie's red mailbox can be seen out on the road behind them. In the next shot of them inside the car driving away the post is there but the red mailbox is not on it.

Continuity mistake: As Lydia runs into the house with Cathy, we see a black light fixture between the window and door the that wasn't there before when she brought the cake out.

Continuity mistake: Before Lydia walks up to Mr. Faucet's door the day is overcast with no sunlight shining underneath his porch. As she walks through the door it looks as though she's in bright sunlight with her shadow casts on the screen door.

Continuity mistake: When Melanie is being attacked by the birds she says, "Oh Mitch," and the cut below her right eye changes between shots. In the first shot it angles up and the second it's straight across.

Audio problem: When Mitch turns on Melanie's car radio he turns the tuner knob and stops on the station that he eventually tunes in, goes a little bit forward and then back again to the same spot. The over-dub is not correct as we would have heard the announcer speaking the first time he landed on the station.

Continuity mistake: After rescuing her Mitch picks Melanie up and carries her down the stairs. At first her right leg is sticking straight out and her left is bent but in the next shot both her legs are bent.

Continuity mistake: There's a bright reflection of a studio light on the wall to the right of the clock on the mantle that appears between shots.

Continuity mistake: After Melanie walks into Mitch's house and puts the cage down we see that there are no birds either on the perches or in the bottom of the cage.

Continuity mistake: Before Melanie gets up to talk to Mitch on the phone her necklace has been rearranged between shots so that it now hangs lower around her neck.

Continuity mistake: In the wide shot as Melanie brings the girl in the light blue dress to the house the front of the lawn chair facing the hill is angled to the right of the pole behind it. When Mitch carries the girl into the house, it's angled to the left of the pole.

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There is no then-usual "THE END" title card as Alfred Hitchcock wanted to imply that the terror would continue without end.