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The Emperor

Trivia: Near the end of the film, Yzma is turned into a cat. Eartha Kitt (Yzma) was one of the actresses who played Catwoman on the "Batman" television series in the 1960s.

Trivia: When Kronk is getting rid of Kuzco (now as a llama) he is darting around suspiciously humming some theme song. When some people approach, he stands against the wall. You can see that the design on the wall are two hands pointing to where he was standing.


Trivia: When Kronk finds a rare bird, Yzma is being attacked by bees in the distance. When she runs the second time past him, the bees are in the shape of a shark and when she runs the third time she is using a pesticide.

Trivia: When Kronk tells Yzma that he mixed the llama potion into the three cups, she tosses her drink into the cactus on her left. While Kuzco is transforming and the shot switches back to Yzma, you can see that the cactus is now llama-shaped.

Trivia: This the first Disney animated feature to show a pregnant woman.

Trivia: The name Kuzco was derived from the ancient Incan capital, respectively named Cuzco, which was also apparently constructed in the shape of a giant Puma.

Trivia: When the people are feeding Kuzco, as the camera pans up you can see a few hidden Mickeys on the plates as food.

Trivia: In the dinner scene where Kronk lights a pair of candles the holder is of a small figure. This was a character from the early versions of the film. He was an advisor to the emperor that was later written out.

Trivia: David Spade (Kuzco) and Wendie Malick (Pacha's wife) have appeared together on the TV sitcom "Just Shoot Me!" for several years.

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[The palace guards have been turned into animals by the potions.]
Yzma: Get them!
Guard: Hey, I've been turned into a cow. Can I go home?
Yzma: You're excused. Anybody else?



When Kronk is disposing of the llama body, he runs down a very tall staircase. At the bottom, he runs into two peasants and leans up against the wall. The peasants pass him, walking toward the left side of the screen. Immediately after they disappear from the screen, the "camera" zooms out so you can see the entire palace. Now, the only place the peasants could have gone was up the staircase Kronk had just come down from, unless they wanted to fall off a cliff. If you look on the stairs, though, no one is there. The peasants couldn't have made it all the way up the extremely tall and steep staircase within seconds, so they just mysteriously disappeared.


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