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The One

The One (2001)

34 mistakes

Directed by: James Wong

Starring: Carla Gugino, Delroy Lindo, Jason Statham, Jet Li

Genres: Action, Sci-fi, Thriller

Other mistake: In the penal scene with the pyramid, Yulaw knocks a person off the pyramid, and he rolls down the steps. A short way down, he stops rolling, and you can see him push himself off another step to get himself rolling again.

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Continuity mistake: At one point in their fight, Gabe hits Yulaw hard enough he flies back into a machine, and causes a shower of sparks to start falling down like rain. One shot shows Gabe step into the shower of sparks, and shows many of the sparks bouncing off his head and shoulders. The shot cuts to Yulaw, then back to Gabe. Gabe is still in the shower of sparks, but not one is touching him. In fact, through the entire time those two are in the sparks, it never again shows any hitting or bouncing off them, except towards the end of the spark shower when Yulaw is flipping through them.

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Continuity mistake: When Yulaw slams Gabe into a metal box, the glass and debris falls next to his feet. You see both glass and a few chunks of metal, with one especially large chunk of metal. It cuts to Yulaw, then back to Gabe, and now the metal chunks are missing and it just shows glass shards.

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Continuity mistake: Both Gabe and Yulaw have their hair parted on the right side. But during the fight between them, you can tell they flipped the image of the film as it shows Yulaw's part on the left side in one shot, and again a couple shots later. It then returns to his right side.

Plot hole: Yulaw just killed 3 cops, and went to Gabe's house and hid in the attic. He then pretends to be Gabe and asks TK to get the gun for him. Why didn't he just get a gun from the 3 cops he just killed or from the police car he just stole?

Factual error: When Gabe is confronted by his fellow officers after they think he went crazy, he gets into a short fight with them. He subdues them handcuffing them together and to a wheelchair. The chains on the handcuffs are much too long as to what they should be. This was done to allow the stunt to be done correctly.

Revealing mistake: When Yulaw and Gabe are having a confrontation next to the MRI machine, Gabe jumps across the table and kicks Yulaw. Here you can see the attempt at face replacement on the stunt double as Gabe, which looks fake and plasticy.

Continuity mistake: In the garage when two cops are looking for Gabe, they are startled by a cat. Just before the cat jumps out, both cops have their flashlights on. Once the cat jumps out and they follow its movement, the camera cuts to show them turn around, and now the cop with the green jacket's flashlight is off.

Continuity mistake: When Funsch does Gabe a favor and sends him to a new universe rather than his old one, Gabe goes through the wormhole and winds up in the middle of the street. Shown previously, traveling between the universes is extremely painful, and renders the traveler very disoriented for a time. Just before being sent to his new home, Gabe was already sent through a wormhole not but a few minutes before, and was barely able to stand, it being his first time dimension hopping. Yet when in this new universe, he stands up and rescues a dog, showing no sign of disorientation at all, despite not only just being ripped apart and put back together, but it happening twice within just a few minutes.

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Continuity mistake: During the fight with Gabe and Yulaw, Yulaw does a powerful move of lunging forward and smashing Gabe with both his fists, sending him flying into a green metal box that crumbles from the impact. Gabe then falls to the floor, close to the box. The shot changes to Yulaw thinking he has victory, then back to Gabe. Gabe is now noticeably further from the green box, and his arms and legs are in different positions.

Factual error: Just after TK gets the gun for Yulaw, who is pretending to be Gabe, she sees the real Gabe out the window. It cuts to him crouching behind a fence, with his dog in front of him. The dog has its back to the camera, and is facing Gabe while sitting down. Here, they dubbed over a sound of a dog growling to make it more suspenseful. But that part is entirely wrong. One, it is Gabe's own dog, who in a previous scene was happy to see Gabe and wagging his tail. He would not be growling at his master in such a manner at this point. The dog is also sitting down in a relaxed posture. If the dog was actually growling at him in such a threatening manor, it would not be sitting down, but standing and head lowered.

Other mistake: Several times throughout the movie, it is said that Yulaw killed himself 123 times. And at his sentencing, he was convicted of murdering himself 123 times. However both Funsch and Roedecker say the first time he killed himself, he was forced to defend himself against another form of himself, which wouldn't be murder, because he was defending himself as an MVA agent.

Audio problem: When the MVA agents confront Yulaw in the hospital, Funsch locks in on Yulaw's right shoulder first. His gun's sights show up, being blue, and then turn red. There is a sound that the gun makes before the sight vanishes. The shots change, and you hear the sound end while the site is off screen showing the scared doctor. Then, several seconds later, it shows Roedecker's gun lock in on Yulaw's left shoulder, and the sound happens as the blue site turns red, and vanishes. However, the site from Funsch's gun is still on Yulaw visible and red, only now vanishing. The sound it made already indicating that it was gone, but it wasn't.

Other mistake: In the chase scene after Yulaw first tries to kill Gabe, Gabe is chasing Yulaw on foot and shooting at him. There is a parked police car that Yulaw runs in front of and by. Gabe fires a shot from his pistol, and the back glass of the police car shatters. However, Gabe was in front to the right of the car. The front windshield was undamaged, and neither of the two side windows were damaged. So Gabe was in front of the car, shot, and somehow only busted the back glass.

Factual error: After Yulaw killed Lawless, he makes a run for it through a busy street and past a section of road construction. There is a cop chasing him and looks down saying, "Holy shit... he's doing 50." Only two shots later it shows Yulaw running across an intersection, and he is not moving anywhere near fast enough to be going 50MPH.

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Continuity mistake: When Yulaw is in the vents and the police are shooting at him, you can see that the policemen's flashlights on their guns are on and pointed at the vents, but in the next shot where it shows the vents, there is no light shining on them.

Revealing mistake: While still fighting on the cat walk, Yulaw does a spin kick at Gabe's face. You see Gabe react as if he got kicked in the face, and tumbles over the side. You can see the kick never even contacts Gabe's face as the stunt double reacts to it.

Continuity mistake: When TK sees the dust on the floor below the attic hatch, she takes off a white jacket and drops it on the floor right next to it. She then goes to get a chair and returns. Now the jacket is gone.

Revealing mistake: During the fight between Yulaw and Gabe, while on the catwalk up high, they both jump into the air. Yulaw kicks Gabe, who falls to the ground quickly. The shot showing Gabe hit, was poorly done, showing him fall much too slowly, and having a soft impact with almost no bounce at all.

Audio problem: When TK finds Yulaw in the attic, Yulaw is impersonating Gabe and asks TK to get him a gun. Just before she walks away, the last thing Yulaw says is "TK." But his lip movements don't match up to what he says.

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Narrator: There is not one universe. There are many. A Multiverse. We have the technology to travel between universes... But travel is highly restricted and policed. There is not one you. There are many. Each of us exists in present time, in parallel universes. There was balance in the system... But now a force exists who seeks to destroy the balance... So that he can become The One.



In the gunfire scene at the prison, at the beginning of the movie, when the sergeant yells to two of his men "Woo, Scott, follow me," it is a clear joke from director James Wong to fellow moviemakers John Woo and Ridley Scott.