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Weird Science

Continuity mistake: When the four guys are waiting for the second doll-woman to appear, Gary's hand jumps from sitting on his leg to being up by his chin.

Revealing mistake: When Gary and Wyatt come home and see Chet turned into a pile of poo, Chet shoots his tongue from his mouth and catches a fly. Look closely, the tongue flies completely out of his mouth and is attached to a metal spring.

Other mistake: In the mall scene, when Gary and Wyatt sit down on the bench and Max and Ian dump the Icee on them, notice how much slush is actually dumped on them from a 32 oz. cup.

Continuity mistake: When Chet gets home the morning after the big party, he does an about face at the bedroom door and starts to kick it open on one side. On the inside of the bedroom door, it shows Chet actually kicked the door in on the opposite side.

Weird Science mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Wyatt and Gary are taking Deb and Hilly home in the Ferrari and Porsche, Gary is being pursued by the police. When Gary approaches the railroad tracks, the train is shown coming in the direction of the passenger side door. When they finally cross over the tracks, the shot is flipped, and the train is seen to have crossed the intersection in the direction of the driver's side door.

Continuity mistake: When Gary grabs the FDX system unit (Memotech), the monitor (with green text) which sits atop the system unit falls backwards, and he then throws the system unit out the window. However, the FDX unit is back on the desk, with the monitor atop it (they are between the display monitor and feed scanner), when the boys are on the floor.

Continuity mistake: During the storm of Lisa's creation, when Wyatt shouts to hang up the phone, Gary leans over Wyatt's arm and places the handset back onto the phone base. However, after Gary shouts, "What's going on?" the handset is still on the modem.

Continuity mistake: In the gym, when Ian and Max walk up behind Gary and Wyatt, there is a closeup of their feet, and we see that the left laces on Gary's high tops are laced all the way up, tied snugly. However, when Ian and Max pull down the boys' shorts, in this close-up Gary's laces are only midway up the high top's eyelets, loose and untied.

Weird Science mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the ritual candles are first seen, one of them sits in a white corner area of the Life boxtop. In a later shot the candle moves in and sits on (newly appearing) black text.

Weird Science mistake picture

Continuity mistake: There aren't any shoes on the Lisa doll, but the real life Lisa appears wearing high heels.

Other mistake: Garry and Wyatt are sitting on the side of a 'planter box prop' that was built for the movie, not a bench, when Ian and Max spill the Icee (slush) on them.

Weird Science mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Lisa is trying to convince Gary's parents to let him go to the party. There is a glass of beer on the table. The camera switches to a close up and then back to a wide shot and the beer is gone.

Visible crew/equipment: During the party, Deb and Hilly join Gary and Wyatt in the bathroom, and when the boys step into the shower enclosure and close the glass door, a crewmember's moving reflection is visible on the shower head.

Continuity mistake: During the creation of Lisa, in some shots Gary is wearing a baseball cap and in others he is not.

Revealing mistake: When Gary is being chased by the police, a stunt double in a blond wig is driving his car.

Continuity mistake: At the party, Deb changes from having bright red lipstick to a subdued color.

Weird Science mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Lisa is created, a poster in the bedroom is ripped. Later, before the house is restored, the poster is whole again.

Continuity mistake: After the party, when Chet gets out of the vehicle, he has five shotgun shells in the front of his vest. As he walks up the stairs, he has three shotgun shells in his vest. A few seconds he opens his bedroom door and he has five shotgun shells in his vest again.

Factual error: When Anthony Michael Hall is being pursued by the police, they have the logo of City of Los Angeles, but this takes place in Chicago.

Continuity mistake: When Lisa's confronting Gary's father, her hands rest on her hips as clenched fists. As Gary sits down after being told to shut up, Lisa's hand is open palmed.

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When Gary is first telling Wyatt of his idea to make a woman, Wyatt asks,"What about your girl[friend] in Canada?" a reference to Anthony Michael Hall's character in "The Breakfast Club." In the Breakfast Club when Bender is asking Brian if he is a cherry, Brian says that he had slept with a girl from Canada that he met at Niagara Falls.