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Videos for Titanic from Trailer Addict

Titanic: Belfast Museum - Newswrap Source: TrailerAddict

Belfast Museum - Newswrap for Titanic on TrailerAddict.

Titanic: Belfast Museum - Press Conference Source: TrailerAddict

Belfast Museum - Press Conference for Titanic on TrailerAddict.

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Rose: You have a gift, Jack. You do. You see people.
Jack: I see YOU.
Rose: And...?
Jack: You wouldn't have jumped.



When the men are checking the store room for Rose and Jack, the men are using huge battery powered bright white flash lights that look like they're from Jurassic Park. Back then they would have produced yellow light. The light used in the movie was a Short-Arc Xenon bulb, you can tell this by both the very high color temperature of the light and the center of the light has a "hole" in it where the actual tube is blocking the beam. Such technology was not around at that time.



The grand staircase in the movie was actually larger than the real one. Many things were either made bigger or smaller to make Titanic seem more 'Titanic.'


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