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Continuity mistake: After Cal throws Rose's cigarette away, she lowers her hand and cigarette holder twice.

Continuity mistake: When Rose finds Jack handcuffed, the papers by the corner of the table next to him swap from being white coloured to yellow, plus being on the very edge or not, depending on which angle is shown.

Continuity mistake: About to jump off the boat, Rose says "You're crazy" and looks at the sea. A frame later, her head is turned towards Jack.

Continuity mistake: Rose is attempting to commit suicide and tells Jack to leave. When he says "No", his hair swaps from being all over his face to neatly combed, between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Rose runs to commit suicide, the people she bumps into disappear in the immediate aerial angle.

Continuity mistake: When the band goes out on deck to play as the ship is sinking all they have on is their uniforms. They are seen this way a few times, in the last shot of the band they all have on overcoats.

Continuity mistake: When Jack is dining in first class with Cal Rose and the others, when the men get up to leave, and in one shot you see Cal walk past Jack, and in the following shot he is walking past again.

Deliberate mistake: Even though the movie uses the correct number of rockets, the timing is awful. The last rocket was fired at 1:40 AM at the latest. In the movie, the last rocket is fired when the last boat to be lowered on the davits leaves (the one Rose gets, and jumps off of). This would make it 2:05 in James Cameron's Titanic time. It was probably changed to add more drama to that heart-throbbing scene...

Continuity mistake: When Cal gives Rose the diamond her front hair changes from shot to shot, most drastically when she says "good gracious."

Continuity mistake: In the scene you see Rose going down stairs, before she goes into the water she rests an axe on the door frame which turns to the side, yet in the following shot it's not turned to its side.

Factual error: Professional Radio Operators hold the key used for Morse code between their thumb and two fingers - they don't tap it, as was shown. Tapping would produce a harsh voice in Morse code.

Titanic mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Jack and Rose enter the car to make love, cameras, shades, boom mike and studio structure are reflected on the brass parts of the car.

Other mistake: Regarding the church service on the Titanic, it was non-sectarian, however it was based on the Anglican Church in England (or Episcopal in America). The fact is that Captains did conduct the service, were open to anyone, thus Jack could not have been kept out.

Continuity mistake: When Jack and Rose are dancing on the 3rd class level, Rose takes her shoes off and looks down at her feet, in the following shot she is looking at Jack, and the shot after she looks at Jack again.

Revealing mistake: If you look at the deck planks to the right of Rose and Jack you can see that there is something that runs perpendicular to the rest of the planks. This wasn't on the real Titanic. This is where the set was "cut" so that the front half could be sunk into the tank later on in the film.

Continuity mistake: When the diamond is found in Jack's pocket the way Rose's hair is messed up is different in every single shot.

Continuity mistake: When the captain looks at the bridge sinking, the water level is by the middle of the helm wheel. In the next shot, from the other entrance, the level is lower than that, and in the next it's again by the middle of the wheel, which is also turned to a different position.

Factual error: When Cal overturns Rose's table, there is a serving cart with modern-day casters.

Continuity mistake: When Jack and Rose are on the way up to the end of the ship, they go past a priest with lots of people praying, some are holding his hands, yet in the following shot, the people are not holding his hands, and are a bit further away from him than in the previous shot.

Deliberate mistake: When Jack and Rose are adrift in the ocean, the stars behind them are not the right ones for that time and date. In fact, it's not any sky ever seen on Earth. The right half of the sky is a mirror image of the left half. The fimmakers deliberately positioned the stars to form the shape of the pendant 'Heart of the Ocean.'

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Rose: Half the people on this ship are going to die.
Cal Hockley: Not the better half.



When Jack Dawson says, "Sit on the bed....I mean the couch," it says in the script "Sit on the couch." Leonardo DiCaprio (who played Jack) really made that mistake.