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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Continuity mistake: Before rampaging Metropolis, Nuclear Man elevates himself in Luthor's apartment and smoke comes out of his arms. For the rest of the movie this feature doesn't happen.

Continuity mistake: In the barn, the vest is folded in such a way that the sleeve-hole is hidden. However, in the close-up of Carl hiding the glass the hole is perfectly visible. Then it swaps to the previous angle.

Continuity mistake: Before Lacy enters the elevator at the hotel lobby an old man walks behind Clark, but suddenly disappears when the angle changes.

Continuity mistake: In the hotel room, the swimming pool's waters are flat, then when Superman arrives at the terrace behind they are very rippled, then a frame later it cuts to Lois greeting Super and they are totally flat again.

Continuity mistake: When the movie starts, the cosmonaut is standing up straight on the spaceship. A frame later he is laying horizontally plus he is suddenly attached to some sort of tube.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Seen from inside the train-driver's seat, the tunnel is darker and with lights on both sides, but a shot of the tunnel alone shows it brighter and with no lights on the left side. Then it cuts back to the previous angle and everything changes back.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace mistake picture

Continuity mistake: On the moon, nuclear Man grabs a rock with a huge hole underneath and holds it over his head. The angle changes and the rock has changed to a different one with a solid bottom.

Continuity mistake: Nuclear Man lands in Metropolis and the cab driver on the left swaps several times from having his arm inside the car in the wide angles, to outside the cab's window in the close-ups.

Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Warfield waits for Clark in her office, there's a white sculpture on the table. From the back it's away from a brown object, from the front it's very close to it.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When in space, Superman punches Nuclear Man on the back, he turns around and his face has turned blurry and black, but his body keeps the same colour. In the immediate close-up the face's colour is fixed.

Revealing mistake: When the subway train is supposedly running wild, watch the man to the left of Lois: He throws Lois's book violently away on the sly, as if the (fake) rumble inside the train had done the mess.

Continuity mistake: By the colour of the new stones repaired, you can tell that the first gap that Superman fixes at the Great Wall is smaller in size and triangular shaped, instead of the original rectangular and huge gap made by Nuclear Man.

Continuity mistake: When Superman and Lois are flying together, the train below drives from right to left, but half a second later it is moving in the opposite direction.

Continuity mistake: When Superman leads nuclear man inside the building to find lacy, an old man turns sideways to let Super in. A frame later he is back facing the door.

Continuity mistake: After Lois and Clark read the headline with the "Drop dead" to kid, shots alternate between each of them and there's no sync in the graphics appearing on the computers behind each, while for the rest of the whole film all computers are in sync.

Continuity mistake: Lois hands the newspaper to Clark, with the headline "Superman says drop dead to kid", and a guy in a red shirt in the background stands up and leaves, followed by a bunch of people behind; in the following angle he is sitting down and the whole choreography is repeated.

Continuity mistake: After Clark takes the green crystal from the hole on the ground and hides it, the cloth covering the hole has a different position to how it looked a second before.

Audio problem: When Lex is giving instructions to launch the missile, a young man puts on his earphones and talks to Lex, but his mouth doesn't move.

Continuity mistake: After the SWAT van is lifted, it tilts forward. A frame later, it's looking sideways.

Continuity mistake: Nuclear Man sends the 2 police cars back and the one on the right skids and faces slightly to the right, but a second later, when they explode, both cars are perfectly aligned.

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Lex Luthor: Lenny, I've always considered you the Dutch Elm disease in my family tree.



Near the end of the film, Superman gives a press conference in front of a bluish mirror-glass building which is meant to be the Daily Planet skyscraper in Metropolis (which we all know is New York, sort of). The shot is framed so you can only see the bottom of the building - necessary as it is only about 3 floors high, and is in fact the railway station in Milton keynes, England, about 400 yards from where I work. Even the crowd have a vaguely British look about them - presumably passers-by were recruited and stood there in their own clothes (this would matter less now - Brits look more American than they did in the Eighties).