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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

Continuity mistake: In the barn, Superman puts a glowing crystal inside a pocket. A frame later it disappears.

Continuity mistake: During the Great Wall of China scene, the sky changes from cloudy and grey in the shots involving people, to bright and sunny when the wall explodes.

Continuity mistake: Mr. Warfield asks the little boy to repeat "I wish Superman had said yes" and places his hand on the kid's shoulder. The shot changes inmediately to a close-up and the arm and hand are gone.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace mistake picture

Factual error: If the Russian cosmonauts need special suits to survive out to space, so should Lacey when she is taken by Nuclear Man.

Revealing mistake: When Nuclear Man hits Superman by the Statue of Liberty's grounds, Superman reacts to the kick before actually being hit.

Visible crew/equipment: After Superman is seen aged holding the green glass, Nuclear Man is seen ascending and wires are visible.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Nuclear Man dents the floor with his footsteps, but in a wider angle the floor is intact.

Continuity mistake: In the gym, the amount of sport bags on the back differs between shots.

Continuity mistake: After Superman lets go of the elevator on the surface of the moon, the cables fall down with the elevator, but in the close-up the cables are up and fall down again.

Continuity mistake: In the quarry, the cop on the right's hat has two strings around the top, the upper one dissapears depending on the shot.

Continuity mistake: After the two police cars are sent backwards, a third one that was parked behind, suddenly appears aligned with the other two.

Continuity mistake: After Superman straightens the US flag, a brief shot shows he is on a plain ground, but when he is knocked down by Nuclear Man, a big mount appears in front of him.

Continuity mistake: When Lois is in the subway carriage crying for help, she places her right hand on the rail above. A frame later the hand is by her waist.

Continuity mistake: The shape and size of the volcano is totally different between the moment when Nuclear Man enters it, to when it erupts.

Continuity mistake: The debris on the bottom of the Statue of Liberty's base appears and disappears between shots.

Revealing mistake: When Superman saves the people that Nuclear Man throws up into the air, as they lower you can see the support wires holding them up.

Continuity mistake: When Superman leaves Luthor in the quarry, he lands several feet to the right of the cop. In the close-up they are almost close to each other.

Superman IV: The Quest for Peace mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Two firemen are seen away from their truck, but when the angle changes six firemen have appeared seemingly from nowhere.

Revealing mistake: When Nuclear Man blows up the fire hydrant one can easily notice it's made of foam.

Visible crew/equipment: When Superman and the super villain are fighting on the moon, when Superman flies in and lands at the beginning of the fight, you can see the cables that are suspending him.

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Lex Luthor: Lenny, I've always considered you the Dutch Elm disease in my family tree.



Near the end of the film, Superman gives a press conference in front of a bluish mirror-glass building which is meant to be the Daily Planet skyscraper in Metropolis (which we all know is New York, sort of). The shot is framed so you can only see the bottom of the building - necessary as it is only about 3 floors high, and is in fact the railway station in Milton keynes, England, about 400 yards from where I work. Even the crowd have a vaguely British look about them - presumably passers-by were recruited and stood there in their own clothes (this would matter less now - Brits look more American than they did in the Eighties).