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Superman II

Revealing mistake: In the final scene, Superman is returning the White House's flag to its rightful place, flying over the fountain on the lawn...which is frozen solid in place. Obviously a photo backdrop.

Revealing mistake: When Zod lifts the boy's father with the beam of white energy, watch closely when he raises him up past the telephone pole...he 'clips' right through it, or rather the pole clips through him, as if he is transparent.

Revealing mistake: In the beginning, when Superman is flying to the Eiffel Tower, the last scene that shows him flying towards the tower, you can see the wire Christopher Reeve was attached to as he swoops down. The wire stretches all the way across as Superman glides down.

Revealing mistake: The shot of people walking on the street by the Daily Planet is the same one used in Superman I.

Revealing mistake: After Superman saves the kid at Niagara Falls, he lands on a lawn nearby. Then wires holding him are visible.

Revealing mistake: Inside the White House, Non throws a pillar at the soldiers. When it lands on the floor, it starts to move by itself like a puppet, revealing the whole structure was attached to a string.

Superman II mistake picture

Revealing mistake: After the Marlboro truck scene, Superman throws Zod and he goes through an office window. The harness to make him fly is visible on his back.

Revealing mistake: Wires holding Superman are seen when he lands on the island to pick up fruit.

Revealing mistake: The fire that comes out of the flame throwers moves at a slow speed though the scene is developing at normal speed.

Revealing mistake: When Zod is thrown by Superman and passes by Luthor, the stand in is a guy with fluffy hair who looks nothing like Lex.

Revealing mistake: In the ice cave, Superman throws a plastic S at Non. The wires moving it are visible.

Revealing mistake: When Zod says to Ursa to "blow them a kiss my dear" to the helicopter that's firing on them watch as the helicopter is indeed a real military helicopter, then when it loses control it's an obvious model and just before it crashes into the house it's a full size helicopter again but is completely different from the first one that was originally shown.

Revealing mistake: In a close-up shot of the kid falling into the falls, one can notice the kid is just a dummy. Notice how his face is a lot paler than it was before.

Revealing mistake: The hole that Non and Superman go through is already patched, as it's a different colour from the rest of the pavement (either from previous takes or to allow the effect).

Revealing mistake: During the Marlboro truck scene, Zod's stunt double has very noticeably longer, darker and bulkier hair, plus a thicker beard.

Revealing mistake: After coming out of the Marlboro truck, Superman grabs Zod by his feet. When he sends him flying away, Zod's been replaced by an obvious doll.

Superman II mistake picture

Revealing mistake: The 3 villains break through the Daily Planet window and fly around the city. Before Zod stops by a beam, Non becomes transparent.

Revealing mistake: In the first scene when the villains are at the console, you can see Ursa's nose disappear, then reappear when Non walks behind her, then it disappears again.

Revealing mistake: In the fight scene in Metropolis, as the villains are blowing every thing around, in shots were you see cars flying through the air you can see that the people are models moving on a conveyor belt.

Revealing mistake: There are two times in the New York battle when you can see the actors are being filmed in front of a screen: 1. when Superman kicks Non, Superman in on film and Non is hovering in front of the screen. 2. When Ursa is flying towards Non and Superman with the flagpole, she is hovering in front of the screen.

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In the town in Idaho when General Zod and his crew first visit, watch when the boy's father (elevated by Zod's finger) falls to the ground. You can see the pad under the dirt when he hits it.



Some of Gene Hackman's scenes were actually filmed with a body double. That's because Gene Hackman quit before all of his scenes were shot.