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Star Trek: Generations

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Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when the Klingons are attacking the Enterprise-D and the Enterprise crew is discussing how they can defeat the Klingon ship, Riker orders Worf to prepare a full spread of torpedoes. Yet, when Riker gives the order to fire only one torpedo is launched.

Correction: Enterprise has been shot by the bird of prey a number of times. It's possible that the torpedo launchers are damaged at this point.

Corrected entry: Let's face it... The battle between the GALAXY-class ship and the TWELVE YR OLD BIRD OF PREY is really ridiculous. The Enterprise has no shields, so what? Does this hinder its weapons? The ship tries to escape and almost doesn´t fire. Why? The flagship of the Federation should be able easily to vaporize that old Klingon vessel with only one big salvo of torpedoes, or by firing phasers permanently (they did the same in the TNG-episode "Yesterday´s Enterprise"), no matter if they have shields or not

Correction: The Enterprise in "Yesterday's Enterprise" would be a very different ship as it's in a timeline that has been at war before Enterprise was made so shields & weaponry technology will become top priority for research & should be stronger & more powerful than our Enterprise. We also know that a lucky shot can knock out weapons or severely damage them so you'd want to make sure your weapons had the best chance of either disabling or destroying the enemy before loosing them & not having any other option.

Corrected entry: When Picard and Kirk are fighting Soran to stop him from launching the rocket that will destroy the planet's sun, what was the big hurry? If they fail, they will be absorbed in the Nexus. Guinan, in the Nexus, said a person leaving the Nexus could time travel to any time period he/she wanted. They could simply keep leaving the Nexus to the same point in time until they destroyed the rocket.

Correction: Starship captains NEVER think in terms of failure.


Corrected entry: Why is Dr Crusher evacuating people from sick bay? It's in the saucer section,and everyone is being evacuated to the saucer section?

Correction: There are actually multiple sickbays on the Enterprise-D. There is at least one in the stardrive section.

Corrected entry: When the Enterprise-B takes off at the beginning of the film its Captain clearly states they were just making a short trip around the block. That would probably mean not much further than the Solar system's edge - definitely not leaving the sector. But when soon afterwards they encounter the Nexus it is the only ship close enough to come to the rescue. What, so close to Earth? Shouldn't sector 001 be abundant with ships?

Correction: Sector 001 full of ships? Of course. But how many warp capable ones with high enough crew capacity to make a rescue? Any full sized starship in Earth orbit would almost certainly be in Spacedock, and it would take quite some time to get even a skeleton crew aboard, to say nothing of going through departure protocols. As for smaller ships, it's been well established that they have lower warp speeds. (Even in TMP, Spock's shuttle had to be attached to a warp sled to reach the Enterprise at all.)

Corrected entry: Data's emotion chip was fused into his neural net and doctor Crusher said it "could not" be removed. If that is so why would Counsellor Troi ask him why he decided not to remove the emotion chip, if it "could not" be removed?

Correction: Data says that he wants to be deactivated until Dr. Crusher figures out how to remove the emotion chip. She must have figured out how to do it near the end of the movie, but Data declined.

Corrected entry: In TNG, after the Enterprise defeated the Borg at Earth it became standard Starfleet procedure to modulate shield frequencies to prevent an enemy from matching weapon harmonics to shield frequencies (this allows a weapon to pass through the shields and directly strike the ship) In Generations, the Klingons acquired the Enterprises shield frequencies and matched their weapons to them, thus destroying the Enterprise-D.

Correction: Yes, but how did they get those frequencies? They were looking through Geordi's eyes. And he is the one most likely to be modulating the shield frequencies. They could have been changing their weapons frequencies as they watched him modulate.


Corrected entry: Riker seems to have forgotten some of his bridge officer training. Why did he go to all the trouble of evacuating the main section, with desperate running through corridors and teddy bears being lost on the way, separating the two sections and crashing the saucer into a planet, killing everyone. Did he forget the simple phrase "Eject warp core"?

Correction: Wouldn't do any good if the core ejection system was damaged. Also the crash doesn't kill everyone, the nexus wave does a bit later.

Corrected entry: Guinan's race was destroyed by the Borg and rescued from the Nexus by the Enterprise-B, but they never must have mentioned it to the Federation because they were unprepared in the 24th century for their arrival.

Correction: Who says they didn't mention it? How many worlds has the Federation seen destroyed by unknown races? Was there enough evidence beside survivor stories to convince them that the Borg were any worse than the Klingons or Romulans? If so, after 80 years with not even Borg rumors, the information would be gradually forgotten.

Corrected entry: Soran needs to get to the Nexus. There is a planet that the Nexus will miss unless the sun is destroyed, in which case the Nexus will fly right through the planet. So Soran camps out on that planet and tries to destroy the sun. Before he blows up the sun, the nexus is seen flying through the sky BELOW the clouds. This is just not possible. On the enterprise, Picard and Data study holographic charts that show how huge the Nexus is, and how far away from any clouds the Nexus will miss the planet by.

Correction: A very large object in space can be seen in the daylight (haven't you ever seen the moon during the day) and appear to be in the atmosphere.

Corrected entry: A small point, but all the way through the movie, the cast revert from the Next Gen' two piece uniform to the Deep space nine style jump suit. In one scene, Picard is wearing the old style, while Riker is talking to him dressed in the new style. Why are the senior officers wearing two different uniforms?

Correction: The Jump suits were the new uniforms the old style ones were being phased out so some uniforms may either not have been issued yet or were being replicated/washed/altered during the course of the movie.

Corrected entry: The emotion chip in Generation is very large compared to the one shown in the TV episodes where Data first shows it and where he gets it from his brother. How could the chip have grown? Also Data's "father" build the chip specifically for him so why would it overload any part of Data?

Correction: Dr. Soong says it will give Data basic human emotions (fear, joy, love and hate most likely). It is quite possible Data built on to it to allow a wider range of emotional possibilites. It overloaded him because he didn't test it with its new capabilites before he first used it.

Corrected entry: In Star Trek TNG's 4th or 5th season, they bring Scotty back for an episode under the pretence that he put himself into a continuous feedback loop in the transporter in order to survive a crash. The episode was called 'relics'. When Geordi, Worf, and Ryker beam down, the free him from the transporter. As soon as Riker says that he is from the starship Enterprise, Scotty immediately says 'the Enterprise. I'll bet old Jim Kirk himself dragged her out of mothballs to come looking for me'. But wait. In Star Trek Generations (the movie), Scotty was on the Enterprise B when (he believed) Jim was pulled out of the ship when the Nexus (which no-one understood, at the time) collided with the ship. So, as far as Scotty is aware, Jim is dead. So why the statement in Relics about Jim being around to come looking for Scotty?

Correction: When they free Scotty from the transporter loop, Geordi says something like it has suffered less than 1% degradation. Obviously, the memory of Kirk's death was in that 1%.

Corrected entry: Wasn't the emotion chip originally inserted via Lore's mouth, not through the top of the skull? It looks a lot bigger in the movie, too.

Correction: It can be reasoned that the cranial slot seen in the movie could be Data's equivalent of a USB port (notice there was more than one). The emotion chip was damaged (as explained in 'Descent'), and it may now be larger because it is placed inside a special corrective unit to enable it to function properly. That unit then fits into the universal port.


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Kirk: Scotty, keep it together until I get back.
Scotty: I always do.



After the trilithium missile hits the sun, it is shown going out in real time from Veridian III. As the planet is relatively earth-like, it is several light-minutes away from the sun. The filmmakers wanted it to be obvious that the missile was successful, so they ignored the speed of light.



Tim Russ, who plays Tuvok in Voyager, has a small role in this movie as the Tactical Officer on Enterprise-B. In the credits he is cast as "Lieutenant".