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Spy Kids
Spy Kids mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Gregorio slams on his brakes the car stops alongside the sidewalk, in front of the private school. In the next shot he calls out, "Juni, Juni!" as Juni stands by the open car door. First, a large boom mic and the reflector screen are wonderfully reflected in the car window, before he closes the door. Then when Juni closes the door, a car is reflected on the door, though it is impossible for it to be there since a gate, which is visible in the following shots, stands at the edge of the sidewalk on the car's left side. Some crew members, one of which is behind camera equipment and another holds the boom mic pole, are also reflected in Gregorio's door on the left. Then as Juni walks away, the boom mic moves back and forth in the reflection near Gregorio's face to pick up the actors' audio.

Visible crew/equipment: At the safehouse, while Ms. Gradenko asks, "Where does the third brain live exactly? Did Felix tell you that?" Juni places the photo of his parents upright and the third brain rises underneath the photograph. Before the photo flips over, the long wire for the stunt is clearly visible beneath the frame.

Spy Kids mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: After Carmen uses Machete Bubbles to shock the four Thumb Thumbs, she and Juni drop down on the wires. A pair of hands are actually visible at Carmen's back, as she begins her descent, but they were alone up there!

Spy Kids mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Machete shows the mini spy plane to Carmen and Juni, and when he says, "It's built for one passenger..." visible in the plane's window, standing beside Carmen, there is a perfect reflection of a crew member holding the large white reflector screen, just out of camera shot.

Visible crew/equipment: After Ingrid types on the makeup atop her vanity table in the close-up, the crew's reflector screen, which is positioned in front of Carla Gugino (Ingrid), is visible in the mirror's reflection to her right (it isn't part of the spy information scrolling on the mirror), in the following seven shots.

Spy Kids mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Ingrid sits at the vanity table in the bedroom, in the shot just after Gregorio's screen reads, "Type password," but just before the close-up of Ingrid's fingers typing on her makeup, there is a lovely reflection of a crew member behind the camera, which is perfectly clear in the mirror to Ingrid's right.

Visible crew/equipment: Once the Guppy dives, Carmen says, "We are definitely gonna be late for school." In the next few close-ups, when the shot faces Juni there is a blonde wearing a light shirt facing Juni on the left side of the screen. Carmen has very dark hair and wears a red jacket, so it's obviously not her and they're alone!

Visible crew/equipment: After Carmen and Juni arrive at the safehouse, Carmen puts a small packet into the rehydrator and soon removes a burger and fries. When she closes the rehydrator door two crew member's reflections are visible. One is to the left of Carmen's reflection, on the glass window of the rehydrator and the second, who has very long hair, is reflected on the upper fry pan in the wall.

Visible crew/equipment: As Gregorio and Ingrid disappear through the circular opening above, the surrounding ceiling is clearly visible. After a close-up of Juni and Carmen, in the following shot, before the two robots make their appearance, the crew's equipment is visible beside the circular puzzle opening in the ceiling.

Spy Kids mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Ms. Gradenko tugs on the backpack that Juni holds, and yells, "You little brat!" a crew member's hand, wearing a silver ring, pulls on Juni's right shoulder!

Visible crew/equipment: After Carmen and Juni arrive at Machete's Spy Shop, as the taxi pulls away, the boom mic's reflection is clearly visible on the right side of the back window and a crew member's reflection is visible on the left side.

Visible crew/equipment: After the taxi has driven off when Carmen and Juni are stood outside Machete's Spy Shop, when Juni says 'we're getting help from Dad's best man?' look to the left of Carmen and you can see a crew member reflected in the window of the building behind the pair.

Visible crew/equipment: Many times throughout the film, the reflector screen or set lights are reflected in Gregorio's eyeglasses, as well as Juni's sunglasses.

Visible crew/equipment: After Gregorio and Ingrid are captured by robots Carmen and Juni, the real Carmen and Juni face off with them. Carmen grabs robo-Juni and whips out a mini anchor device. In the close-up of her hand as she pushes the button, the wire attached to the top of this small anchor (not the wire under it) is actually visible as it pulls the anchor up, out of the handheld base.

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When Juni handcuffs the metal box to his wrist, it switches back forth from his right wrist to his left over and over again.