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Splash (1984)

39 mistakes

Directed by: Ron Howard

Starring: Daryl Hannah, Eugene Levy, John Candy, Tom Hanks

Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Continuity mistake: When out at a pub, Allen finds himself laying on the bar, and his brother Freddie starts to talk to him. Between shots Freddies glass goes from being on the bar to in his hand.

Continuity mistake: When Tom Hanks is in the dinghy by himself, the outboard motor has no cover. He falls into the water and the dinghy circles him several times. One of the shots shows the motor with its cover in place. (It is an Evinrude motor).

Visible crew/equipment: When Madison enters Bloomingdales, you can see the reflection of Ron Howard in one of the mirrors.

Continuity mistake: When at the bar, Allen makes a woman spill drink on her dress, and she walks off. Between shots the bartender picks up her glass and starts to wipe the table twice.

Revealing mistake: When Allen is in the park and drives backwards to avoid the MPs, there's a closeup where the pigeons fly backwards, revealing the angle is the previous one with the birds taking off but played backwards.

Continuity mistake: When Allen tells his secretary that his father passed away, she is either holding the note from the side or from the top, depending on the angle.

Continuity mistake: When Madison leaves Allen's apartment to go to Bloomingdales the tie she is wearing is plain navy blue, when she arrives at the store it has changed to blue with diagonal red stripes.

Continuity mistake: When Walter soaks Madison she falls forward towards the curb. In the close-up a flowerpot appears, which disappears in the wide angle, where she lies 45ยบ to the left of the curb.

Continuity mistake: Allen arrives to the market dancing and juggling potatoes. Behind Freddie there's a man scratching his nose. In the next shot his hand is down and he is raising it to scratch his nose again.

Continuity mistake: Hanks puts Madison inside the car where the solar roof is open. When he starts the car, half a second later, the roof is closed.

Continuity mistake: Allen drives through a spotless park, but, when the angle cuts, a flock of pigeons appears ahead.

Continuity mistake: While Allen is stuck in a traffic jam, several close-ups of Kornbluth show a yellow cab next to him. In the wide angles the car swaps to a dark coloured private vehicle.

Continuity mistake: Freddie leaves the Penthouse magazine on a counter, where a woman behind picks it up. In the next shot, she picks it up again.

Continuity mistake: When Hanks sneaks Madison out of the lab, his right arm is close to her chest, covered by a grey cloth. When the angle changes the arm is uncovered.

Continuity mistake: When Allen is brought home blindfolded and is interviewed by the press, two journalists without a camera approach from behind. In the front angle, a split second later, a TV camera appears out of nowhere.

Continuity mistake: When Allen is in the water tank, before Madison is put inside, his fringe keeps changing between shots, despite him standing still.

Continuity mistake: When escaping from the MPS, Allen leaves Kornbluth alone on the street. The passers-by behind the car are inconsistent depending on the shot.

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The angry customer who is screaming to Allen about his cherries is director Ron Howard's real-life father, Rance.