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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Other mistake: When the switch is thrown to electrocute Terrence and Phillip, it's pulled downwards. A few shots later, we see Cartman jump in to save T and P by turning the switch off. He also pulls the switch downwards instead of pushing it upwards.

Plot hole: The kids dig a hole and a spotlight goes over it. Wouldn't the operator notice the hole in the ground?

The Demon

Continuity mistake: During the "La Resistance" number, during the verse, "They may stab you in the head, with a dagger or sword," We see a guy wearing blue with a blue hat on the left (probably Craig). In the next shot, he disappears, and in the next shot, he reappears.

Factual error: During the press conference, the president says that at 5:00 AM the Baldwin residence was bombed. However, the Baldwins were sunning themselves. And, if the president was referring to Eastern time, it would have been 2:00 AM in Hollywood (sign in the background).

Continuity mistake: The night of the La Resistance meeting, before Kenny appears as a ghost, Cartman can be seen putting a mirror and a rope into his backpack. These are items that The Mole requested they bring for the rescue operation, but they hadn't met The Mole yet. How did Cartman know what to bring?


Continuity mistake: When Winona Rider first appears on stage, Phillip's "P" is missing from his shirt as she passes them.


Continuity mistake: When Kenny dies, his heart explodes, leaving blood and guts all over the boys and the wall behind them. When the boy's mothers enter the room moments later, the boys, and the room, are spotless.


Continuity mistake: When Stan looks down his road at the start of the movie you can see the Post Office, and there's nothing across the road but trees and snow. Later on, when he's in Tom's Rhinoplastry you can see the Post Office across the street.


Continuity mistake: Early in the film Satan is singing and has 4 fingers. When he asks Mr. Hat to join him in hell, he has 5.


Continuity mistake: When Saddam is packing his suitcase for Earth, you can see a little doll in the case, on the right hand side of it. But in one shot when Saddam gasps because Satan says he's leaving him, the doll is on the left hand side of the case. Straight after that shot though, it's back on the right hand side of the case.


Continuity mistake: When Mr. Mackey starts to spin Stan around at the end of the "It's Easy, Mmmkay" song, they spin anti-clockwise. Then, from Stan's point of view, they are spinning clockwise, (the background moves to the left). Then, from Mr. Mackey's point of view, they are spinning anti-clockwise again, (the background moves to the right).


Continuity mistake: On the Conan O'Brien show, Terrance and Phillip put on moustaches, then Phillip farts in Terrance's face and Terrance goes flying off the screen with no moustache on. Yet in the next shot of him landing in the drum, he has his moustache back on. (Best viewed in slow-motion)


Continuity mistake: When Terrance and Phillip are standing alone, and the big group of soldiers run towards them, the General is standing in front of them and Shelia is standing in front of the General. Yet when it cuts to a closeup of the General talking, Shelia has disappeared.


Continuity mistake: When Mole digs out onto the stage, you can see Terrance and Phillip in their chairs, and the helmets they're wearing have a wire which is connected to the chair. Yet in a closeup of Mole talking to Terrance and Phillip, the wire goes straight up, and isn't connected to the chair.


Continuity mistake: When Terrance and Phillip are strapped in their chairs, the helmets on the chairs first appear in a closeup and aren't there in a previous wideshot.


Continuity mistake: Before going to the cafeteria, Kyle and Stan have two different t-shirts but when they are waiting in line, Stan wears the same t-shirt than Kyle. His t-shirt is different again when they talk to Chef.

Dr Wilson

Factual error: In the song "It's Easy, mmmkay", Mr. Macky tells the children "With bitch drop the t 'cause 'bich' is Latin for generosity". Actually, there's no such word as 'bich' in the Latin language (the most common translation of generosity is 'magnanimitas').


Continuity mistake: When the boys see Cartmans mum eating sh*t on the internet, Stan pukes in front of a cupboard. But in the next shots his vomit is gone.


Continuity mistake: When Sheila kills Terrance and Phillip, Phillip falls to the ground twice.


Continuity mistake: On the Conan O'Brien show, Phillip farts in Terrance's face and Terrance lands in a drum. Terrance's moustache falls off and lands on the stage, yet in the next shot it's gone.


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Mr. Garrison: OK, children. Let's start the day with a few new math problems. What is 5 X 2? Come on children, don't be shy. Just give it your best shot.
[Clyde puts his hand up.]
Mr. Garrison: Clyde?
Clyde: 12?
Mr. Garrison: OK. Now let's try to get an answer from someone who's not a complete retard.



The 'sound of a dying giraffe' noise used by the boys is a reference to a character in the computer game "Doom 2" which mades this same sound when it is attacked.


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