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CHIPS (2017)

4 mistakes

Directed by: Dax Shepard

Starring: Adam Brody, Dax Shepard, Jessica McNamee, Michael Pena

Genres: Action, Comedy, Crime

Other mistake: Near the start of the movie Jon indicates that he has titanium in his right arm, but towards the end of the movie the bullet ricochets off his left arm.


Factual error: In the Miami car chase scene near the beginning of the film, the getaway car has Florida license plates on both the front and rear bumpers. In Florida, cars only have rear license plates.

CHIPS mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The red Ferrari moves 2 feet to the left after being pulled over.


Factual error: When the motorhome gets T-boned, it breaks clean in half. The motorhome would have a heavy steel frame that would bend but not break, so the frame was obviously cut for dramatic effect during the stunt.


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