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Saving Private Ryan

Videos for Saving Private Ryan from Trailer Addict

Saving Private Ryan: DVD Bonus - WWII Source: TrailerAddict

DVD Bonus - WWII for Saving Private Ryan on TrailerAddict.

Saving Private Ryan: DVD Bonus - Training Source: TrailerAddict

DVD Bonus - Training for Saving Private Ryan on TrailerAddict.

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Private Reiben: You wouldn't shoot the kraut and now you're gonna shoot me?
Sergeant Horvath: He's better than you.



In the scene where the medic gets shot, watch the shot where Upham brings the bags up to the injured medic. The next shot there is some fog which then reveals the injured medic. In this shot, watch carefully as the cast rips away the medic's shirt. If you look near the neck, you can see the fake stomach vest he is wearing for a split second - when the actor realizes he ripped too far up, he quickly covers it back up.



The French town at the end is a purpose built movie set on the old British Aerospace site in Hatfield, complete with river. It was the same site used in the opening scenes in Band of Brothers.


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