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Back to the Future

Continuity mistake: After escaping from the Peabodys, Marty stops the car in the middle of the road and exits with his hair all messed up. A frame later it's brushed.


Continuity mistake: When Doc puts Einstein in the car, the dog turns his head inside the car. A frame later, from a new angle, it's outside the car.


Continuity mistake: When Biff and gang are chasing Marty on the skateboard, they eventually crash into the rear of a manure-hauling dump truck. When the car swerves left in an attempt to miss it, it will obviously pull somewhat to the left. In the shot just before impact, you can see that just the rear half of the car should impact the truck, but in the next shot the car rests perfectly centered behind the dumps open load.

Back to the Future mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In 1955, when George walks into his house, Marty thinks of Mystery Science Theatre and looks at the vanishing photograph, and at the dance, after George punches Biff and rescues Lorraine, again Marty looks at the vanishing photo. In these two close-ups the thumb holding the photo looks nothing like Marty's thumb/nail in other close-ups, such as when he powers up the amp at Doc Brown's at the start.

Super Grover

Continuity mistake: When Marty gets hit by the car and wakes up in Lorraine's bedroom. She constantly calls him Calvin. Marty says "Calvin, why do you keep calling me Calvin"? When he says this he puts his arm on his lap. In the next shot behind him when Lorraine replies, his hand/arm is by his side.


Continuity mistake: When Marty was recording, Doc never hesitated between "reaction" and "to", then when they are watching the tape, he hesitates a little.


Continuity mistake: When Doc points out that Einstein's watch is in sync with his, the LED display changes from being off in a wide shot to on in the closeup.

Cubs Fan
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Continuity mistake: When Marty lands on Peabody's farm and rams through the pine tree he then hits a scarecrow which flies over the top of his car. Then as they show it from the inside the scarecrow slams into the windshield - but how can it slam into his windshield if it is already over the car?

Back to the Future mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Biff and his gang are chasing after Marty in their car around the Courthouse Square, in the shots that takes place in the Courthouse yard, you can see that it's Biff's stunt double that's driving.

Back to the Future mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the first scuffle between Marty and Biff in the school cafeteria, they both grab a hold of each other's shirts until they were stopped by Strickland, but in the next shot, Marty is not holding on to Biff's shirt.


Continuity mistake: George McFly's holding a pen in his right hand, then a cut to a wide shot reveals him not holding a pen as he rests his arm away from his body on the table. Then when the camera cuts back his arm is back in front of him holding the pen.

Paul Andrews

Continuity mistake: Towards the very end of the film when George and Lorraine are unpacking George's new book, you will notice in the close-up of Lorraine's hands that they are actually someone else's for that shot. They are very aged and much larger than her real hands, which you can compare right away when the camera goes back to full view.

Tiffany Fife

Continuity mistake: When Marty is on a skateboard being chased around the town square by Biff and his friends, he grabs the back end of a truck. He does with two hands at the same point, then uses one hand in the next shot, then two hands again.

Continuity mistake: Before Doc's time travel demonstration, he shows Marty two synchronized clocks. Here we see Einstein turn his head towards the front of the DeLorean, but in the next frame he's facing the camera instead.


Continuity mistake: As Marty watches George pedal away from the café, the amount of sunlight cast on the town square decreases greatly between shots.


Continuity mistake: As Lorraine's family watches "The Honeymooners" around the dinner table, a round pillow on the sofa nearest the lamp repositions itself.


Continuity mistake: In 1955, when Marty shows Doc the flux capacitor, he points the flashlight in different directions between shots (first at Doc, then the flux capacitor).


Continuity mistake: When Marty pulls the family picture from his shirt pocket in front of George's house, he holds it with both hands at first. But once the angle changes, only his right hand has a grip on the picture.


Continuity mistake: While Marty's 1950s family is having dinner, the milk bottle's level is one mark below the red printed label. A second later it's 5 centimeters above the red mark.

Back to the Future mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As the Delorean accelerates towards Doc and Marty in the car park, in a shot from the car's perspective they're a few feet apart, then we cut to a close up, and they're right next to each other.

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George McFly: Lou. Give me a milk... Chocolate.



The farm where Marty arrives in 1955 belongs to a man called Peabody, and he calls his son Sherman; both names are a tribute to "Sherman and Mr. Peabody", two cartoon time travellers.


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