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Problem Child

In the theater and video version of the movie you see Junior get dropped off at the rich woman's house as a baby, he pees on her, and then she takes him to a new home. Because of TV censorship they could not show him peeing on her so on the TV version it looks like he gets dropped off and taken away for not reason.

In the movie John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck play Ben and Flo Healey who go to the doctor to find out if they can have a baby. In 1990, John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck played a couple named Ray Evans and Mrs Evans on the Cosby Show that were having a baby.

In a deleted scene, Junior terrorized the milkman and the paperboy with a remote control helicopter. Eventually, the toy helicopter crashed through the Healy's front door. This explains why the window in the front door is smashed when Martin Beck arrives. Also, Junior wears the soldier uniform from that scene when he drives the car into Big Ben's Sporting Goods.

When Ben races off to rescue Junior, he intentionally runs over his neighbour's flowers for no reason. This is because a scene was deleted where his mean neighbour forced him to pick up his cat's poop from the flowerbed.

The kid's name in the movie is Junior or JR as he is known by the bow tie killer. JR are the initals of the star of the movie John Ritter.

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When Jr. is driving with John Ritter on the top of the car, just before they go through the store windows, the cars in the parking lot change significantly from different angles. In one shot a pickup truck is backing out which would block them, but it is gone in the next shot.