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Best TV mistakes of 1960

Show generally

Continuity mistake: In the episode where Katy, Carl and Todd go to see Badly Drawn Boy in concert, they go to the Rovers after the concert has finished. It's last orders so it must be 11pm. However, in the next scene in Martin's flat (when he is wondering where Katy has got to) the clock on his wall says 8 o'clock.

The Bookie Barber - S2-E28

Visible crew/equipment: After Andy and Barney walk out of Floyd's shop, when Andy makes a crack about Barney's ears being uneven Andy walks offscreen, then Barney shouts at him as Andy's presumably already down the block, but in their reflection in the window behind them we can see that as soon as Andy walks offscreen in this closeup, he actually stops and leans over where we see the camera's located.

Like This It Means Father... Like This - Bitter... Like This - Tiger... - S4-E15

Continuity mistake: The bruise on Wilcox's cheek switches from the right side of his face to the left and back again several times throughout the episode.

Jean G

Superstone - S5-E24

Continuity mistake: When Fred, Barney, Pebbles, Bamm-Bamm, Dino and Hoppy are watching "Superstone" on the TV, you can see that Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm are right in front of Barney, but in the close-up of the two, Barney is nowhere in sight.

Are You Going to Be More Permanent? - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: When Drake is leaning against the back of the park bench while talking to the tailor, in the shots over his shoulder, his watch is partially covered by his shirt cuff. In the shots from in front, his watch is completely exposed, despite his arm never moving.

The Brothers - S1-E25

Audio problem: When Lita and Drake get out of the car, each of them closes just one door. But we can distinctly hear three car doors slamming shut.

Jean G

Show generally

Factual error: In "The State Vs. Chip Douglas", Ernie finds his missing 1914-D penny when it falls out of his pocket. A close-up shows an Indian head penny lying on the floor. The problem is that Indian head pennies were not minted after 1909.